About Sarah at 12/10/12 benefit

From Pamela Chelin’s 10/11/12 blog entry for L.A. Weekly about the December 10 “We Hate Hurricanes” benefit, here’s the section recapping Sarah’s stand-up, which opened the event:

The first comedian performer was Sarah Silverman, dressed in a blazer, plaid button-down shirt and jeans, with the sides of her hair pulled back into ponytails. She opened by referring to the song playing as she walked out on to the stage. “I was brutally raped to that song. I don’t like to talk about it obviously,” she said. “It’s a testament to the song that it didn’t ruin it for me.”

Silverman covered a wide range of political topics, including starving children in Africa: “When I see videos of starving children in Africa, I have to remind myself it’s just an actor…those tiny little kids with big bellies and flies, 2-year-old babies, 9 months pregnant….I don’t give money because I don’t want them to spend it on drugs.” She also joked that she once confused Kanye West for President Obama and said she prays for “billions of tiny Republicans who die every single year in hookers’ asses.”

The crowd was fully on Silverman’s side until she said that despite her desire to have a baby, she doesn’t want to end up with an actual child, so she wants to adopt terminally ill babies. When part of the crowd groaned uneasily, Silverman easily brought them back around to solid laughter saying, “I feel like there are blankets of judgments,” and adding that the kind of person who would adopt a terminally ill baby is a great person. Before ripping on Hassidic Jews and the Make-A-Wish Foundation (saying that 60 per cent of the number one wishes have to be just to be able to live), she ended her set telling the crowd that you can get away with throwing up on a penis from having given a blow job so long as you finish with saying, “Tada!”

A different article, which chronicled the fundraiser for Entertainment Weekly, described how, from the wings, comedian Will Ferrell “watched Silverman’s set closely, laughing frequently at Silverman’s sometimes crass humor dealing with subjects like race and rape.”

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