Review of Palais 12/8/12 show

Here is Kylie Northover’s review of Sarah’s stand-up act at the Palais in Melbourne, Australia, Saturday night (published by The Canberra Times online December 10.)

Jewish princess kicks over the boundaries of good taste

It’d be nice to believe that American comedian Sarah Silverman’s good looks are not the only reason she succeeds in being such a sweetly racist provocateur. She’s certainly the best-looking comedian delivering lines like ”I don’t care if you think I’m racist – it’s more important to me that you think I’m thin.” But her cutesy faux-naive Jewish princess schtick certainly amplifies the impact of her most foul-mouthed punchlines.

At the near-capacity Palais on Saturday night, the ”most offensive woman in comedy” as she’s often billed, delivered on that lofty promise. But even though there were a few collective intakes of breath throughout the set, there were no walk-outs – one imagines in the US her digs at Republicans having anal sex with prostitutes and her religious gags provoke much stronger reactions.

There was, however, one heckler, who, after Silverman delivered a scathing slapdown, will likely never go to another live comedy show again.

Advertisement Silverman moved through jokes about her family, the ”miracle of life” (ending with an appalling incest reference) her now somewhat infamous (anti) rape gag, and a slew of sick jokes about sick kids, the highlight her suggestion that the Make-A-Wish Foundation should more realistically be called the Make-Another-Wish Foundation.

She completed the hour-long set with a somewhat lacklustre encore of her best known songs, “You’re Gonna Die Soon” and “C—,” ¬†although even the taboo nature of the finale wasn’t as provocative as her edgiest jokes.

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