Interviewed on Aussie Red Carpet 12/2/12

Allison Garoza of
talked to Sarah on the red carpet
at the Australian Wreck-It Ralph
premiere and published it December 3.

Sarah Silverman arrived in a gorgeous black dress that she bragged (rightly so) that she bought for seventy dollars online. When someone asked how she likes Australia she said (again rightly so), that she loves it. She took a sip of water after having some chocolate, before she came toward me.

Sarah: Sorry, I forgot chocolate gets all over.

Allison: (I laugh) No, you’re good. How are you?

Sarah: (smiles) I’m well. How are you?

Allison: Good thanks. So, your material usually throws what’s politically correct out the window. Was it hard to tone it down for Disney?

Sarah: (smiles) No, it was easy. I mean, you know, it’s scripted and you know it’s for children and even when we improvise I mean there’s definitely some kind of audio blooper reel in there that would not be G-rated between John and I (we laugh).

Sarah: But we had so much fun. I mean, that’s one side of me and that’s the stuff I write and talk about and that I’m interested in, but I’m also obsessed with babies and little puppies. You know, I understand what children’s programming is, I wasn’t trying to swear at anything (laughs). You look at Eddie Murphy and when I was a kid he was the dirtiest guy around and now he’s the donkey from Shrek so . . .

Allison: Good point. Your character Vanellope is an outcast in the film, but she struggles to prove herself. Is she someone that, as a child, would have inspired you?

Sarah: Very much, and I really relate to her because she’s got this glitch and the girls tease her and they don’t let her play along. She’s ashamed of it, you know? She’s tough, but she’s tough because she is protecting this hurt little girl who’s believing what people are saying deep down. I think that’s what people do, and I hope that girls and boys watch this and realize that, this thing that maybe they’re very ashamed of in life, can be their super power.

Allison: That’s fantastic.

Sarah: Sorry I went on and on.

Allison: No, that’s a great message, thank you.

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