Uncle Sarah promo

Promo material for Sarah’s babysitting app, Uncle Sarah. (Get it at iTunes here.)

Hey kids! Guess who’s coming to dinner – It’s UNCLE SARAH! Put on your smile faces and gather around for an extra special butt-load of fun, music, magic, learning and games – starring your favorite family entertainer, Sarah Silverman!

★ • ★ • ★ • ★ • ★ • ★ • ★ • ★ • ★ • ★ • ★
Actress and Comedienne Sarah Silverman is proud to bring you the Uncle Sarah app!
★ • ★ • ★ • ★ • ★ • ★ • ★ • ★ • ★ • ★ • ★

Next time you need someone to watch your little ones, put Uncle Sarah into the hands of your kids!

★ SING WITH SARAH ★ Watch Uncle Sarah delight your kids with the gift of fresh-made music! Gather around to enjoy the bubbly tune of a song she writes on the spot – and sing along if you know the words! (It’s really easy!)

★ YAY STORY TIME! ★ Uncle Sarah loves telling stories! Sit back and relax as she tells one of her favorites, and then share your own with her. Best of all, Uncle Sarah actually listens, nods and re-acts to your story!

★ LEARN YOUR ABCs! ★ Kick back and relax to the tune of Uncle Sarah teaching your kids to spell. Watch their brains swell with knowledge as Uncle Sarah presents each letter and a few fun words that start with it.

★ DON’T WAKE SARAH! ★ Shhhhh! It’s Uncle Sarah’s naptime. If you wake her up, she’ll get quite irate, so be su-per-duper careful. Tap the objects around her head to watch them spin and wiggle. And if you’re lucky, you might even get to see her weird silly dreams!

★ PEEK-A-BOO! ★ I see you! Watch as Uncle Sarah keeps your kids giggling with this playtime classic.

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