NHL lockout mediator Serota a Sarah fan?

Sarah’s popped up in the National Hockey League lockout mediation– but not by her doing.  Guy Serota had a personal Twitter feed with “thousands” of posts. Purportedly, many of them were to Sarah. Then he got appointed federal mediator for the NHL dispute. And people started to notice his unusual mix of Tweets.  So he deleted them. At least that’s what some who saw what used to be there say.

Here’s how the Sporting News reported the incident:

     Serota caused some initial waves—a Twitter account appearing to belong to him (@GuySerota) made the rounds after the initial announcement. It was, for lack of a better term, weird, and filled with bizarre tweets at celebrities and vulgar jokes. Upon discovery, it was deleted almost immediately, then came back scrubbed of the bizarre tweets.
     Serota, as is custom with this sort of thing, seemed to say he was hacked, which is almost certainly not true—the weird stuff had been up for months. Plus, the @GuySerota account, once it was initially deleted, could’ve been picked up by anyone, meaning that whoever’s behind it now could be a fraud.
     In any case, Serota’s involvement—the “hacker” tweets at comedian Sarah Silverman were particularly creepy—is only the latest ridiculous step in the process. Hopefully, it’s one of the last.

And this thread on the hfboards at hockeysfuture.com, also includes at least one supposed witness to the presence of lots of SarahKSilverman tweets on Serota’s feed. 

Our pics below are the only three remnants we’ve found so far. If you have more, comment including links.







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