Singer/songwriter Curtis compliments Sarah


Sarah, Russell Brand, Vicki Randle, Mary Gauthier,
and Catie Curtis at Voices United 10/1/12

Catie Curtis, multi-genre songwriter singer who has just been invited to sing at the White House for her third time, praised Sarah in a recent interview with Musicians for Equal Opportunities for Women (MEOW).  Here’s the excerpt:

MEOW: You just played a show with Mary Gauthier, Russell Brand and Sarah Silverman. That must have been fun!

CC: My favorite part of the show (a benefit for Americans United for Separation of Church and State) was discovering how kind and thoughtful Sarah is. First of all, she is a big Mary Gauthier fan and it was awesome to see her starstruck by my dear friend Mary. Sarah didn’t have an entourage, so after the show, I walked her out to her car. I felt like she should have a bodyguard, and I’m so tough, you know? She was so funny we were all dying laughing during her performance, and yet she’s totally unassuming.

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