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When Sarah Silverman is not fucking Matt Damon, she is taking the time out to answer our questions. No we’re not joking. THE Sarah Silverman of The Sarah Silverman Program, the same Sarah Silverman who did wonders for the high ponytail industry, and the Sarah Silverman who was once fired by Saturday Night Live. She told us about her upcoming Australian stand up tour, who she’d nominate to roast her and what it’s like being in a monogamous relationship with her Chihuahua-pug mix Duck.

Lisa Marie Corso: “Hi Sarah Silverman!” these are three words I have written in many fan fiction Live Journal entries but never directly to you. How are you? Where are you right now? Is there an IP address attached to this interview?

Sarah Silverman: I’m sick with a cold all bundled up in layers of sweats in my apartment.

LMC: I think I can speak comfortably for the nation when I ask: Why has it taken you so long to do a stand up tour in Australia? Is it because of the Lindy ‘a dingo stole my baby’ Chamberlain thing, that we booed Judy Garland off stage in 1964 or because we invented the Ugg boot?

SS: In a way none of the above and in a way all of the above.  But mostly because I’m afraid to leave my apartment.

What can we expect to see in your Australian shows? Will you be targeting any notable Aussies in particular?

SS: No I’m just gonna be doing the stand up I’ve been working on.  I don’t know if there are things that won’t translate but I don’t think so.  All my comedian friends say Australia has the best crowds so I’m excited.  But… keep your expectations low.  It’s just me and a mic.  And the brilliant Todd Barry and Australia’s own Wil Anderson!

LMC: You are in a seriously monogamous and committed relationship with Duck your Chihuahua-pug mix, how is Duck by the way? Did you actually find him in the trash like The Sarah Silverman Program suggests? SS: No, I got Duck at a shelter when he was five and now he’s 18!  He’s doing well but he’s blind and deaf and walks into walls a lot if I don’t catch him in time.  But he’s a great napping buddy.  It’s basically like having a 98-year-old man as a pet.

LMC: Please explain: Who would win a DOGOFF between you and Duck vs. Oprah and Sadie her blonde cocker spaniel. How do you think it would go down?

SS: Sadie looks sweet.  It’s apples and oranges.  Scrappy Vs. Fancy.  I’m always pro-scrappy.

Posted 15 Nov 2012

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