To be on Talking Dead 11/18/12

Sarah is scheduled to be a guest on Talking Dead on Sunday, November 18 (AMC, 11 pm). The series is AMC’s “first live after-show that serves as a platform for discussion of its series, The Walking Dead.”

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2 Responses to To be on Talking Dead 11/18/12

  1. mark stevens says:

    Do you think that the military’s “DON’T ASK…DON’T TELL” policy would’ve helped General Petraus,had it not been squashed? Also,do you think that Mitt Romney would make a good replacement for Pat Sajak,as host of “Jeopardy”,if the job were available? 1 more question…I work for a large global corporation,and lately rumors have been circulating that Mitt Romney & Bain Capital,are interested in acquisition.Since I have been employed here for many years,do you think that learning “Mandarin” as a second language,through Rosetta Stone,would be a wise decision? You are so smart & I highly value your opinion,also I believe you are the funniest person on the planet.(I know,for a fact,that you are the funniest person alive today!)Did I mention that I’m in love with you?Well,I am!

  2. Andrew says:

    Who was the uptight pretty boy with the tats and slicked back hair? Obviously from California.

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