Great Schlep Redux (Grandpa Style)

Ok, Sarah’s not in it so it’s not directly relevant to Sarah Silverman Online. But the “Call Your Zeyde” pro-Obama video that went up 10/31/12 is so clearly a 2012 resurrection of her “Great Schlep” concept, that it will be popping up when one Googles Sarah for weeks to come. In fact, it’s from the same funding source and production team that begat that 2008 election video: the Jewish Council for Education & Research (JCER), led by Mik Moore. They also brought forth Sarah’s Let My People Vote and Scissors Sheldon campaigns. Click the pic to watch it at (But please don’t comment here on their pronunciation of Bubbe or their spelling of Zeyde.)

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One Response to Great Schlep Redux (Grandpa Style)

  1. Leon says:

    Where’s the Great Schlep 2016??????

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