On Leno 10/26/12

Sarah’s October 26 appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno was a bonanza for fans: She talked about her recent “polarizing” politicking, particularly her “Let My People Vote” video, about the rabbi letter, and about her father’s response to it. She named The Airport Diner, in Manchester, NH, as her father’s favorite restaurant and hers too. She talked about next week’s release of her app, Uncle Sarah, for infants and toddlers. She talked about how her apartment building is filled with old people. And of course she promoted Wreck-It Ralph (nothing new there).

The pic links to the full show. Sarah’s segment begins at 18:30 and ends at 28:08. But her reaction to Paula Deen at 29:00 (and running 20 seconds) is worth watching. Although she is present for the second half of Paula’s cooking piece, she’s barely involved (just a moment of vegetarian reaction to the talk of a doughnut cheeseburger at 31:05). Sorry you have to put up with commercials even when you jump to the Sarah parts.

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One Response to On Leno 10/26/12

  1. GWEN says:

    Dear Sarah, I always love a good laugh and few can make me do so, your appearance on the Jay Leno show delivered just the right dose of humor I needed at that time. I think that you, comedically, presented yourself well on the Leno show. Hearing of your father standing up on your behalf after a response to your commercial is what any father should do and reminds me of how my dad would react to an attack against me. I respect that you feel so strongly about President Obama but encourage you to learn more about George Soros and his Jewish upbringing during the Nazi invasion during WWII. President Obama has many counterparts, mostly Mr. Soros. Then, when after you learn more, still decide to continue your support for the same party, although I may not understand, I will respect your choice to do so. You have a wonderful platform given your gift of talent. I know you quoted yourself as a non-religious person,however, I pray that you will use it to the best of your ability and talent. We have such liberty and freedom to say and speak our minds but my fear is that if our country takes a turn in a more socialistic manner we may not. Take care and thank you for reading this. Sincerely, Gwen

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