Ex-Boyfriend Dishes Sarah

“Talking Shit with Jim Jefferies and Eddie Ifft” is a podcast the two nominally humorous hosts do. On their episode 172 (10/9/12), which Ifft solo hosted, Eddie interviewed Alec Sulkin, a writer on Family Guy, co-writer of the movie, Ted, and most significantly, an ex romantic¬†partner of Sarah.

Eddie keeps wanting to hear scuttlebut about Sarah (but Eddie seems to love talking about himself, so he keeps digressing). We’ve edited together the interview pieces that allude to Sarah. Listen to it here. The only interesting statement is Sulkin stating the amount of time he dated Sarah as being “on and off for two years,” which is different than reported on his Wikipedia entry. We don’t like Eddie’s attitude about Sarah, but we tolerate it to be able to preserve on SSO what Alec says about her.

(By the way, they keep referring to the Jim and Eddie episode in which they interviewed Kevin Brennan, famous in Sarah’s memoir for having been her “first.” ¬†Elsewhere Eddie calls it one of their funniest podcasts, but it’s not available online because Eddie says they didn’t record the audio properly.)

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  1. Mike? says:

    DAT DUDE is mad bitter YO. He’s basically calling her a slut. NOT COOL coming from a 49 year old looking mother fucker.

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