New Hilarious Anti-Romney PSA 10/18/12

In a PSA released today by the Jewish Council for Education and Research**, Sarah and Lizz Winstead explain (with their typical ironic aplomb)¬†candidate Romney’s assertion that “corporations are people.” The JCER also sponsored Sarah’s recent¬†“Let My People Vote” video, as well as past campaigns including “Scissor Sheldon” and “The Great Schlep.” Click pic to watch.

**More specifically, it’s part of a series on, which is
a partnership between American Bridge and JCER;
and it was produced by Amy Rubin at Barnacle Studios.


UPDATE: Go here to read Lizz Winstead explain the story behind the creation of this video.

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One Response to New Hilarious Anti-Romney PSA 10/18/12

  1. Patrick says:

    I enjoy your comedy and put up with your politics though I respectfully disagree. But this line that “corporations aren’t people” is uninformed. The United States has recognized that corporations have the rights of individuals under the Constitution since the early 1800’s. I’m curious if you are really informed on this issue and are just baiting to get your point across. I think there are legitimate arguments to be made against the fiction of corporate personhood, but I don’t think you are making them in an intelligent way. For instance, if corporations are not to be considered individuals, can they enforce contracts? If you slip and fall at Wal-Mart, can you sue the corporation? Will the corporation enjoy all the rules of evidence and presumptions to which individuals are entitled?

    More problematic, the entire legal system (and our laws) have been built around the presumption that corporations are individuals. Are you proposing we repeal and/or amend 200 years of jurisprudence, legislation?

    Finally, can the government regulate businesses with impunity? I mean, if the government can tell the businesses how to behave and act, shouldn’t they have input and say in the government just like other citizens? Isn’t that the entire point of the Revolution – no taxation without representation?

    Sorry, but this issue just hits a note with me and I really want to see your position spelled out more clearly. I don’t think a snarky 45 second video is intellectually honest.

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