Review of Sarah at NU 10/11/12

Excerpted from a 10/18/12 Huntington News review of Sarah’s October 11 appearance at Northeastern University (via tumblr):

Sarah Silverman’s double ponytails and jean shorts provided a ruse of innocence. However, almost every other word that came out of her mouth was controversial.

“Personally I thought she just said really shocking things that weren’t necessarily funny. I’d love to hang out with her because she’s quirky and weird, but I didn’t really like her as a stand-up comedian,” freshman Mila Deych said.

A few addressed issues were vaginal deodorant, the miracle of life, “petting” Obama, messing with little kids, reasons for being a Democrat and the importance of rescuing “human puppies,” (her term for orphans waiting to be adopted).

Well known for film, television, stand-up and online videos, Silverman is an Emmy winner who has been on Comedy Central and “Saturday Night Live.”  Her dramatic voice-lowering, syncopated comedic timing and animated facial expressions had the audience gasping for breath. She made a lot of jokes about her inherited religion, stating that she was “Jewish, like a human sneeze.” Silverman often stopped in the middle of her jokes to talk to herself and say, “You’re right Sarah, that’s a good point.”

Silverman said her chipper attitude helped her as she was undaunted by hecklers.

“The kid next to my friends and me was the night’s sole heckler,” Griffin said. “And he just yelled, ‘I love Sarah Silverman’ loudly. She said it was the first heckle of the night and that the audience was really sweet and nice if the first heckle was a positive one.”

Even when she said dirty words on purpose to get the sign language translator to sign them, her questionable boundaries were offset by her cute personality.

“She says really bad stuff but does it in an approachable way, so you know she’s not serious. You never know what to expect when she’s telling a joke,” said Julia Boudreau, a freshman psychology major. “Her bit with the ASL translator was really funny because it was a complete surprise to the audience and she managed to bring the humor without being cruel or mean about it.”

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