Sarah to be featured on new Youtube channel

Comedy producer Daniel Kellison has announced a partnership to create two new YouTube comedy channels, “Jash” and “Video Podcast Network.”  Kellison’s 10/8/12 press release presents Sarah as one of the central content providers of Jash. He explained, “We approached five uniquely brilliant comedians (who were each already known for making great videos)—Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim & Eric, and Reggie Watts—and asked them to be our partners in creating this new comedy channel where they can both perform and curate, as well as help us gather all the other comedians they admire.” In the same release, Sarah gushed, “We are all super excited to be able to have this cyber playground where we can make stuff with our friends, and also, I’m pretty.” Startup of the channels is expected to be in January 2013.

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  1. Jim Hainey says:

    Why isn’t Sarab doing her standup show in New Zealand ?

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