Sarah Speaks Out about PSA Controversy

In her first interview since her “Let My People Vote” PSA was released, Sarah said the controversial language she uses in the video justifiably got people’s attention. That’s according to the New York Times on 9/25/12.

Sarah explained, “I think it’s important to make it kind of shocking. The expletives are fairly gratuitous. But you have to be loud to get people to see what’s going on.”

Sarah declared that there is no question that young people should support President Obama. The Times says her “blunt words” in the interview were, “I think that any female, any homosexual and anyone who loves a female or homosexual or has one in their family is crazy to vote for Mitt Romney.”

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One Response to Sarah Speaks Out about PSA Controversy

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Thanks again for the vid, Sarah and Mik. As you are witnesses here, voter ID advocates appear to be deranged (whether they are or not, they certainly appear that way).

    It’s almost too bad we don’t have voter IQ laws, instead of voter ID laws. People of color would have no difficulty; Nana would breeze through all the history questions. Voter ID advocates might see things differently.

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