Press Reacts to Voter ID PSA

Whenever Sarah creates a political action video, the attention it receives from the press (as well as non-pro bloggers, tweeters, and other commenters) is an additional source of entertainment for us SS fans. Check out the moniker the New York Daily News gave Sarah in the lead of its September 21 coverage of her voter ID video.  Why not “brilliantly funny comedienne”? Or “talented comedienne”? Or at least “socially concerned comedienne”?

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7 Responses to Press Reacts to Voter ID PSA

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Thank you for telling this story about voter suppression.

  2. dael says:

    PLEASE PLEASE make a video about the electronic voting machines failing all over. The HAVA law requires them to have <1 fail out of 1/2 million votes cast…. we are WAY beyond that! here is some background info.. Stop the machines before Nov 6th! remember all the confusion and BS that happens after the elections? Like in WI recall etc… they are finding MANY discrepancies there

  3. Sheila Parks says:

    Dear Sarah Silverman:

    Thank you so much for your fabulous video about the new Jim Crow laws to suppress our precious votes. I also LOVE your Jewish Mamita video. I am a Jewish woman.

    I am writing to beg, implore, ask you to make a video NOW about the rigging of our elections by all the electronic voting machines.

    Please, read my article “Crashing at the Intersection of Women’s Rights and Voting Rights”

    Thank you for all your most wonderful work.

    Sheila Parks, Ed.D.
    Founder, Center for Hand-Counted Paper Ballots

  4. Cindy Jarrett says:

    Sara, I am sooo angry about the Voter Id Law/Stealing Votes process….I love your works, but this time…please re-do your video without all the profanity to be sent to people who need to see/hear this message, and who will get lost by the comedy-club-speak…I did post it on FB anyway, but with apology to the profanity. This is serious stuff, and I can’t find anyone but YOU talking about it….help this message getting out to schools(students), rest homes (elderly),one in Spanish for latin communities, ahhhh Iam flaming mad…they(GOP)will NOT STEAL another election…. !!!
    (Chris, please talk to Sara about this one)Thank you!

  5. Ed Darrell says:

    “Avengetheweak,” shame on you for defending a law designed to bring inequality to Americans, to steal votes from veterans, senior citizens, and people of color.

    Quit being a troll. You’re not making a good defense of these unholy laws. If you want discussion, make a case. Or, hey, go here and join the others who think discrimination is worthwhile (and let us beat up on you, where discussion is what we do):

  6. Ed Darrell says:

    By the way, Aveng, you’re aware that the IDs that will get you alcohol, cigarettes, check cashing, and rental properties, are not allowed as ID in most of these states, right?

    Bigotry is ugly enough on its own, but when coupled with dumb-as-a-stump cluelessness, it’s not even worthy of ridicule.

    Voter ID laws suck more than vampire in a bad teenager movie.

  7. Ed Darrell says:

    Regret the formatting error. You can figure it out.

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