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Archive for September, 2012

On Simpsons Season 24 Premiere 9/30/12

Posted by Gator on September 30th, 2012

The first 10 seconds of the above clip is Sarah voicing Nikki in the first episode of the new season of The Simpsons.
(S24:E1, “Moonshine River”)

Sarah first voiced Nikki in Season 21, Episode 15 (“Stealing First Base,” aired 3/21/10). You can watch that episode here.

Rochkind tells Granholm Sarah’s PSAs sell

Posted by Gator on September 28th, 2012

Although this 2m52s video interview (9/28/12) is not worth watching overall, Chad Rochkind, a member of the creative team behind Sarah’s “Great Schlep” PSA, does assert this about the effectiveness of that campaign:

We do know that in 2008 the first Great Schlep  video got  20 million views, the talking points were downloaded by over a million people, and  hundreds of people actually went down to Florida and talked to their grandmas and grandpas to get them to vote for Barack Obama.  And it has been credited by outside researchers as having been effective in helping turn Florida blue.

(He also says he does know that Sheldon Adelson did see Sarah’s scissor proposal.)

At 9/27/12 Warren Fundraiser

Posted by Gator on September 28th, 2012

“Yetta Kurland Live” talked briefly to Sarah September 27 in New York City’s Openhouse Gallery at a fundraiser for U.S. Senate candidate from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren.

Kurland, who, in addition to being a radio host, is a civil rights attorney, did most of the talking, but she did get one wise adage from Sarah:

 To be a woman and not be fiercely protective of
our own rights to
decide what to do
with our own bodies would be crazy.

True Mystery or Inept Reporter?

Posted by Gator on September 27th, 2012

Columnist Julie Gordon posted this at the a.m.NewYork site today, under the title, “Sarah Silverman canoodles with mystery man.” One would assume it was Kyle Dunnigan. After all, media have failed to figure out or actually mislabeled him repeatedly since they’ve been together.  But with no pics, it’s impossible yet to say.

     Sarah Silverman was spied getting cozy with a mystery guy in NYC earlier this week.

     The comedienne and her guy were hanging out at Carmine’s in Times Square, “wrapping their arms around one another as they gazed up at the giant mounted menu board, deciding what to order,” a witness said.

     Trying to go incognito in baseball caps, they settled on angel hair and Caesar salad.

Sarah Speaks Out about PSA Controversy

Posted by Gator on September 26th, 2012

In her first interview since her “Let My People Vote” PSA was released, Sarah said the controversial language she uses in the video justifiably got people’s attention. That’s according to the New York Times on 9/25/12.

Sarah explained, “I think it’s important to make it kind of shocking. The expletives are fairly gratuitous. But you have to be loud to get people to see what’s going on.”

Sarah declared that there is no question that young people should support President Obama. The Times says her “blunt words” in the interview were, “I think that any female, any homosexual and anyone who loves a female or homosexual or has one in their family is crazy to vote for Mitt Romney.”

Voter PSA Tops Charts

Posted by Gator on September 26th, 2012

Mik Moore: Co-Creator of Sarah’s PSAs

Posted by Gator on September 22nd, 2012

The day after Sarah’s voter ID PSA came out, Lee Brenner at Politics Powered by Twitter did a 7m25s length interview with Mik Moore about the project. Moore, who has been called “one of the leading political and communications campaign strategists,” worked with Sarah to produce the video, as well as her infamous previous crusades: The Great Schlep and Scissors Sheldon. Listen to this behind-the-scenes glimpse here.