Sarah Attached to Clown says Showtime is developing a TV series based on the  2010 movie Punching the Clown, and that Sarah will be an Executive Producer. The site quotes the Village Voice’s statement that  the award-winning film “may be the funniest movie ever made about trying to hold on to one’s artistic integrity in an image-obsessed world.”  Sounds like a good fit for Sarah. But as the fate of Susan 313 demonstrates, “in development” does not always turn out to be “on the air.”

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  1. Bill McBride, Sr. says:

    Hi Sarah! I watch your shows as much as I can. Enjoy your wit , jokes (except the F… words) and of course you beauty! Would like to se mmore ou you with your sister!
    I know your Dad from UNH. Last saw him and Katz at the 50th UNH Class of 1959 Reunion.
    Keep up0 the hard work and be funny!
    Bill.Loveland, Colorado.

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