Ralph Director a Big Sarah Fan

When Gregory Ellwood recently interviewed Wreck-It-Ralph Director Ralph Moore for Awards Campaign at HitFix.com, he asked about  working with oft-controversial Sarah.

Elwood: One of the things that’s so intriguing about the film is John C. Reilly’s involvement. But at some point he was obviously going to get a chance to do a film for Disney or Pixar, DreamWorks or something.  However, and I’m sure you get this question often, where did the idea of Sarah Silverman joining the cast come from? 

Moore: I’m a huge fan of hers.  I think she is one of my favorites and I’ve been a fan for a long time. When we started working on the Sugar Rush world we thought, ‘How can we make it not what people are expecting? We’re building this candy world and the audience will come in with some expectations of what that’s like.’  [Sarah] was just like the first person I thought of.  I was a big fan of her autobiography that she wrote and I had her reading it [on a] books on tape on my iPod that I would listen to all the time.  Just the way that she would tell the stories about her as a kid.  And I just thought Sara playing like herself as a kid in a candy world is just like gold.  So that was something that we kind of hit on really, really early in developing the movie.  And I thought, you know, there’s a lot of people too that their minds are just kind of blown about Sarah Silverman in a Disney movie.  It’s like, ‘How is that possible?’ Sarah’s the first one to kind of point out well Eddie Murphy has been in a Disney movie and a DreamWorks movie and he had a career as a pretty kind of blue comedian.  So, hey look, if Eddie Murphy can make the jump it’s like, ‘Why not?’  I’m just so in love with her and with all the other actors.  They bring so much to their roles.  I mean, John was like, ‘I have not done animation because I don’t like the way that process sounds.’  So, I said to him, ‘We can make it work however, whatever works best for us. If it works better to have you and Jack [McBrayer] working together [and] playing off of one another we’ll make that happen.  If you want to we can set it up [so you and] Sarah can do your scenes together.  It doesn’t have to take place in a vacuum.’ I went to John because I knew that he was going to bring another layer to Ralph that we weren’t going to think of.  It was important to me to create an environment for him where he was comfortable doing that.  So and that’s why having actors record together isn’t necessarily normal for an animated film, but it was way worth it for this. 

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