Coming Soon: Susan 313 News

“What ever happened to the fall TV series
Sarah was working on?”
The answer to that will be up here soon.

Update 8/28/12: Go here for the answer.

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One Response to Coming Soon: Susan 313 News

  1. Ted K says:

    I know this is probably going to sound funny, and yes I know in the meantime people have to pay their utility bills, but I wonder if sometimes Sarah would be better off taking a “sabbatical” to write. Her autobiography was quite good, and very once in awhile she shows glimmers of comic genius (the Obama skit to Get florida Jews to vote etc…) But it’s like, in between you gotta put up with 4 bathroom jokes to tie you to the next REAL joke. I think Sarah should take some time to write something of sustenance (which she has talent and intellect to do. A movie script, or a large body of dialogue for a series (written 85% before the time demands of producers and network hounds). This way she needn’t do what seems “spotty” work, where we have to sit through 4 bathroom jokes before we get what Sarah has the talent to give us in a more “CONSISTENT” fashion.

    In other words I would like to see Sarah turn into a more Lily Tomlin like female comedian than one of the SNL “hot young f*cks” that we can’t remember her name after 6 months. Obviously I’m not talking about Tina Fey or Kristen Wiig—but I think you know the SNL type (a subset of SNL females) I’m referring to.

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