Louie Episode – 9 Aug 2012 (S3:E7)

Sarah was in this week’s episode of Louis C.K.’s awesome series, Louie (Season 3: Episode 7. Airdate 9 Aug 2012. FX TV.) We don’t have the clip yet, but here her segment goes from 12:48 to 16:36 and another little bit under the end credits from 20:10 to 20:40.

Synopsis: Louie is channel surfing and on comes a Retro Comedy Showcase episode entitled “The 80’s.” Snickering as a girlish Sarah is seen in an early club set, Louie phones her and tells her to turn on the broadcast. Subsequent conversation with her leads to discussion of Louie’s ten-year estrangement from comedian Marc Maron, Sarah gives wise advice, more humor ensues.

It’s a brief appearance, but Sarah does some hilarious mugging watching herself.

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2 Responses to Louie Episode – 9 Aug 2012 (S3:E7)

  1. Ted K says:

    I decided I didn’t want to register to see the video. Tired of everything you have to register for online. But the girl in the side adverts was REALLY HOT I gotta say. I think I would register for her personal phone number (haha). Maybe I’ll catch in on Redbox or something. I’m not willing to pay for cable (when the advertisers should pay for my eyeballs) so I guess I have to pay the penalty of not being hip. I wanna know what is this deal that everyone thinks that Marc Maron was a huge asshole. If THAT MANY people thought it, then maybe….. I like the very immediate “say what I’m thinking style” of Marc Maron, and you know, he’s not 100% bad dude, and I relate to his father issues, but the guy is still strongly narcissistic. I’ve never heard anyone who can take any question he gives to others and then after their response he goes “yeah, cuz I….” and proceeds on some 10 minute rant about something not very interesting that happened to Maron loosely related to the response.

    I think Sarah deserves a show. I watched 80% of her old TV show on Netflix, and honestly I put it like 4th of my fav comedies, behind Seinfeld, Frazier, and 30 Rock. Actually 5th if you count Hugh Laurie’s House M.D. as comedy. But anyway I think it stands up well minus about 50% of the bathroom jokes, fill in some clever dialogues and you might have something people remember a long time.

  2. Ted K says:

    P.S. I’m not against pushing buttons if it’s done cleverly, that’s comedy at its best. I like Sarah’s video on selling the Vatican very much, it made a social point, showing hypocrisy, and I thought it was humorous. Lenny Bruce was probably overly vulgar at times, but he did it in a very CLEVER way LEADING TO A POINT, not grossness for grossness’ sake.

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