Vanity Fair Interview – July 2012

Sarah talked to Vanity Fair magazine about her upcoming Wreck-It Ralph, and other topics as well. Read the article here. Some highlights:

On performing in a recording studio:

We got to record together, so John and I would look at each other. The director encouraged us to just riff and go off on tangents. There aren’t like the chains and restrictions you would think there would be with voicing a kids’ movie. You know, obviously I didn’t say “pussy.” It’s just fun to be able to look at someone and play a scene and go weird places.

On self-censorship for a children’s movie:

I’m not prudish, but I don’t think of myself as dirty. So many times people come up to me and tell me disgusting things and I know it’s because they think I’m like that, which is horrifying to me. There’s no way out of it other than to say [fake laughs], “Oh, that’s great!” But I really just grew up in a house that used real language to talk about real things. I never knew until I got into the real world how rare and taboo that is.

Plus a funny story of her plans for a joke about Republicans and hookers, in honor of the Republican Convention.

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