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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

Here is Sarah Silverman’s TED talk from 2010. It was never officially released because Chris Anderson called it “god awful.”

45 Responses to “Sarah Silverman’s TED Talk”

Sarah is my absolute favorite comedienne…this video was great.

Terrible. Thank god her show was dropped by NBC.

No wonder she promotes the mentally challenged Tig Notaro. Dark hearted both of them. This show was the worst. Embarrassing.

There were some funny spots, like the divas portion. However, overall it didn’t seem TED appropriate.

That said, I’m still a big Sarah Silverman fan.

If Sarah was asked to do this thing (TED),it was with the understanding of what her comedy is about. She has such a cool style. If you don’t like this video,then you must not like her comedy in general,in which case I dont know why you would be on this site watching the video and commenting negatively on it. IMO.


But the video speaks for itself.

Because she’s obviously not being sarcastic and satirical and other words that start with “S” (like Sarah!)

So i’ll write a generic “Stop Hating” and be on my way.

bye. :)
(Keep Being Awesome, Sarah!)

I <3 Sarah…Her Comedy can be no different than any other comedian(Unique !!!) LOL to say the very least….
She's AWESOME!!! Period…I want to be her pussy inspector…LMAO!!!

THis was very incite and much too sophisticated for pedantic faux-intellectuals to grasp in their current lifetime. It was sad as well because I saw a look in her eye that she knew she was not going to be understood and maybe realized herself then and there how much before her time she actually is. It was additionally sad because she is human and was thereby led to per sé reduce her universal truths adn incite to her personal relationship issues which on second thought all monogamous go through. We are in the age of porn(digital life) and now someone instinctively creative, adorable, and intelligent may end up not reproducing. Rednecks and their manipulator will i.e. kyle G and “godawful” who left coment above. I am goign to boycott porn for 24hours in honor of this top 10 TED talks. I will instead masterbate to the comedy and bedroom creativity that I am certain Sarah has. People like her need to get together and make babies. But what is saddest of all is that -juding by her philtrum- she quite possibly has a very pretty pussy that will never be properly spanked teased and to’ up with the bop!

thats was supposed to say “bop gun”:p

I think you are hilarious but this skit was terrible. What happened? Not funny at all. It was almost like you were invited and asked not to be too much like yourself.

This is Sarah, at her best, at her expected unexpected. Don’t invite her to your talk — TED or otherwise — if you’re looking for someone to shed what they’ve been doing (and how they’ve been doing it) their whole life just to fit into a 22-minute “this is how WE do it” presentation. Offensive and funny with a moral compass and larger purpose — that’s Sarah, and that’s what they got.

Watching this video is like having an outer body experience: the awareness of several levels of consciousness arises as you witness the complexity and irony of media, expectation, and universal love/ comedy explodes all over the man-made fabrication of our current moment and place in the universe. I’m released and relieved at least until the second TED coming. brava Sarah!

Right on, Sarah. You are a creator. Awesome. TED is about WIDENING the SPECTRUM of our thoughts, not building stronger barriers for a narrower path. I guarantee the discussions from there on were more free b/c you widened the limit & so people wld feel SAFER to communicate honest, candid thoughts (until Chris narrowed things again-he was laughing on the inside – he just had to appease his alliances/$ trail). Plus – having worked in fortune 500 and having prepped content that went to DAVOS – I know all those (mostly) men talk that way after hours anyhow! So you got their attention. No nappy-nappy during your preso. Cheers to you & your book is hysterical.

I really wonder why TED asked her to come on if they weren’t prepared to present her talk. She’s brave. She’s honest. She’s awkward. She’s very VULGAR. But I think she’s on to something. She shines a light on a lot that is hidden. And I’m drawn to it. I’m drawn to someone who is fearless in being who they are without censorship. I don’t think TED should have… underestimated their audience. It would have been good to let the TED audience experience her talk, love it or hate it and discuss her artform, her POV. I think the conversations would have been interesting and worth having. TED should have let the audience determine the value or worthlessness of Sarah’s talk.

They asked for your unique perspective on life and that’s what they got. Keep on being you. You make the world more interesting and therefore more beautiful. I love TED, but if they can’t see that, it’s their problem not yours. Sometimes they can be so…uppity.

Love Sarah and she has a great ass

That she does…:)


Thanks for posting your TED talk. I thought it was incredibly irreverent and even more enjoyable b/c of the TED venue.
However, I was a weed bit sad that you left out some of the choice bits from “Jesus is Magic”, particularly THAT line.

I chuckled out loud w/the 3000 visual. Excellent.

Keep pushing the envelope — I’ll let you know when you blow my framework again (‘Jesus is Magic’ did that back in the day, btw).


Speaking as a person who took care of her elderly, mentally challenged Aunt, I didn’t think Sarah meant any disrespect at all. I believe she was very thoughtful. God forbid anyone actually have an honest conversation about, not just the mentally challenged, but anything that makes us feel uncomfortable. And to speak of anything with humor just makes it easier to talk about. Her speech started out about honest communication. She nailed it.

Wow…I had to search out the video that TED chose not to publish. Wow…she’s friggin’ brilliant.

And, I think it’s challenging for those that can only access life theoretically to have that level of honesty she’s speaking of…cuz for some, that stuff is just filtered out…it messes with the purity of of the design, and creates cognitive dissonance (I think the lay term is ‘god awful’?), with which a level of emotional maturity is requisite.

Perhaps the organization should be STED: Sterile Technology Education Design: just an idea for more accurate design….

You’re more TED than they are, Sarah…they just have some work to do to catch up. Get “Heartier” not “Smartier”

Well, I see why she bombed. She didn’t warm the crowd up at all–just straight into the raunchy jokes. You’d think a comedian as experienced as her would realize that. For those of us with a sense-of-humour, hilarious nonetheless…

I enjoyed about 70%

I found the last song made me -as an intellectual with a 164 IQ- uncomfortable.

“with a 164 IQ” well, at least she opened your worldview a bit. instead of shunning immediate discomfort, consider why it’s there instead.

It wasn’t that bad. “Controversy” is so stupid nowadays it’s like we’re afraid of our own shadows

I thought her skit was brave and honest. More people should be as honest as she is, as funny and as relevant. I love her and SHAME on TED for inviting her only to shun her afterwards for being herself. Bravo to those who gave her a standing ovation.

I forgot to request notification of followup comments on the previous comment… Is it possible to flip that on? Or will this comment do the trick?

However, I did forget to note that I don’t even know whether or not Sarah Silverman’s talk was supposed to be a joke.

I do know that I hate censorship.

Sarah’s being herself: insightful, provocative, ironic, goofy, awkward, self-aware and silly. If thin-skinned folks can’t handle it, that’s THEIR problem. Silverman’s following a long line of great comedians and social commentators that came before her, like Lenny Bruce, Mort Sahl, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Roseanne Barr, Andy Kaufman, Steve Martin, Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle, Bill Maher and others that are willing to be “dangerous.” I think she’s adorable and hilarious as well as whip-smart. Plus she’s a musician and a knockout in the looks department. What’s not to like?

If Chris Anderson was any sort of organizer, he’d have been prepared for Sarah’s irreverence. But I felt she was pretending to be something she’s not by allowing her style to be compromised. I felt for her, like I would no doubt feel for Chris Anderson if I ever saw him on stage at the Comedy Club.

164, it’s good that she made you uncomfortable. The goal of any creative person/entertainer should be to evoke emotions in the person being entertained. It’s often OK with us if that emotion is a negative one, just as long as you are feeling *something* strongly. The last song should make almost everyone feel uncomfortable. It’s about a harsh reality of something that is enjoyable for some, and horrific for others. Same with her language/vulgarity. We’re all pretty vulgar on the inside; she just lets us look at ourselves, and go a little deeper.

She IS very deep, but she’s also the author of “I’m F***ing Matt Damon,” which is totally F****** hilar.

A funny parody of TED, clearly inspired by the boring TED template. If Chris Anderson thinks this is ‘god awful’ he must subconsciously hate his own format.

I think she should have had Anderson Cooper introduce her.. wrap up with humor about gays.. out Phil Donaphue and Marlo as the first arranged marriage to hide sexual preference… and then have a live feed to Jimmy Kimble hosting a children’s birthday party where he and his other clown assistants Ben and Matt are trying to make balloon animals while being yelled at and abused by Tom Cruise’s children.

But every one has their own style.

Bravo, Sara.

Hell yes. When are you going to release this as a comedy special?

I love her! shes one of the few ladies that make me die laughing.


LOVED THIS TALK. Loved seeing the few old pricks not give her the standing ovation too. You rocked it, Sarah!

Bravo! No doubt too much and too threatening for the usual computer nerd/Star Trek fans/pompous millionaires/billionaires at TED but wonderful nonetheless.

Sarah Silverman is hilarious! I love her honesty and how she directs us to the elephant in the room. She speaks the “unspeakable.” She’s wonderful and love how she pushes all the silly boundaries that actually separate us. She helps us laugh together. Thank you Sarah! Love you Sarah!

Sarah… I do have unusual needs.. I will want to lick your butt- a lot… at times not suitable or right for a particular situation. Also I will want you to dress like that character in one of those Mad Max films.. as I am on a leash for you… and we’ll commandeer a short bus and cover it in barbed wire… don’t ask me why I will be too involved in ass licking you as you tell TMZ that I’m only an assistant and you have two pr people who will be breast suckling you in public soon. Also I want to attack Jimmy K on camera as your Jealous X… and be dragged off by his also fat security while I scream: stay away from her- you had your time and blew it- let me be with her tasty butt”

I don’t even know what to say about this. LOL

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Great set, and Sarah has given me some of the biggest laughs in my life, but I get why TED didn’t use this. Most TED talks leave me interested in new tech or ideas, or philosophical about perspectives I didn’t necessarily have before. Sarah left me with “that was funny”.

I see Salq’s point and I agree with him 100% Sarah should have talked just about her vagina, things that come out of it and things that have gone into it. The different moods her vagina goes through. Like The Vagina Monologues only her Vagina talks and answers questions: “Inside the Actors Vagina,” host James Lipton. I think Sarah could participate also by doing the side picture lip stretch thing and even do impressions of or mock things said by her vagina.

I love Sarah and this is one of her greatest performances. I can relate to her depression as I have depression and I have always said I don’t want to have children because they will inherit this mental disease that runs in my family, and I want to adopt. There is no shame in saying you would like to adopt a mentally retarded terminally ill child, they deserve a family and a home just as any other child does. This routine was hilarious, thanks Sarah :)

Sorry Sarah…I’m a fan, but this appearance was rather lame. I can’t argue with the critics. Not a very good performance.

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