The Rachel Maddow Show

Sarah Silverman’s interview on The Rachel Maddow Show talking about Rick Perry and her upcoming stand-up gig in Texas.

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17 Responses to The Rachel Maddow Show

  1. Rich Reich says:

    It’s great to see comedians like Sarah going after touchy subjects such as this, cause who knows what else is lurking in his past. The stone may just be the tip like a Titanic iceberg. Murder in Cowetta County comes to mind, scary book set in the 40’s about racial abuse in Georgia… an extreme example but who knows. At least more interesting an issue than birth certificates, ha. Go Sarah!

  2. Steve Mitchell says:

    Sarah Silverman is what America needs! When is she going to run for President? If she doesn’t declare her candidacy soon, I’m going to start a write-in campaign to get her on the ballot in all 50 states! Please, Sarah, save our country before it’s too late. We need you!

    Hope the show goes well in Austin. Knock ’em dead babe! You rock, Sarah!!

    Sa-RAH, Sa-RAH, Sa-RAH, Sa-RAH !!!

  3. Steve Hopkins says:

    Just got home from this show. Fantastic! laughed my ass off! I am in love…& lust!

  4. Adam Patrick Gorman says:

    How spooky that something like that could surface?

  5. Willy says:

    Did it say Niggerhead?

    I wonder what the origin of the name was.

  6. Jason says:

    Words for the getting
    What wonder is dreaming
    A father would pay if ever a meeting
    She talked away night, most of it meaning

    Made known to you through your own friend
    Now in that place red bikinis are in
    Speechless was I, you quiet in bare skin
    Forward I moved, tense silence wore thin

    I punched a man deaf, with hand of wrought iron
    Just because he had said he was very much higher
    Than her and her words, hes not, now hes mired
    She stared right through me, and of that I don’t tire

    In the last she laments in the bed under sheet
    she wouldn’t recall, awake from this dream
    Great that would be, her recollection of me
    Then there would be two who dream really

    Write me

  7. TRal55 says:

    Wtf? Sarah didn’t make any sense. Herman Caine is leading the polls because he resembles a train wreck commercial? Lol what is she talking about? Stop smoking the pot Sarah! Haha

  8. Steven says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I can’t seem to find the address for the entrance to N*****head Lodge….. if you have it, PLEASE send it along as I would just LOVE to drive up to Paint Creek (45 miles away) and see what all the buzz is about and closely inspect that second coat of paint…


  9. Israeli says:

    Look like that for a while (when Cain as still in the race and leading) the Republican had N***** Head they could all enjoy.

  10. Jess says:

    Today I said I was real.

  11. Danci says:

    Heard you’re into wordgames

    R E D I S | T O B E Y
    A Z A V U | A N I M A
    Z Y X Y Z | Z Y X Y Z
    I S E B Y | Y S Y J U
    X U M Y Q | L I K E Q

    The ZYXYZ line is the one you want.

  12. Anne says:

    Thank you Sarah!

  13. MatsSvensson says:

    Hey America!

    You almost elected the wrong Sarah.

  14. stephen weiner says:

    Mrs. Sarah Jane Anastasia Silverman-Weiner…Get back to me on the hyphen, babe…SMW

  15. Dan Springer says:

    Is there any video from that show?

  16. Bose Einstein says:

    Love Sarah Silverman, you are “Beautiful!”

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