Sarah Makes Out with a Unicorn

Sarah is an “angel” to this serenading unicorn.

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23 Responses to Sarah Makes Out with a Unicorn

  1. Bill McBride says:

    Hi Sarah, I keep writting to you, but never get a reply or comment. What’s up with that? Just kidding!I went to UNH with your Dad. What a guy! He was always funny too. Saw him at the 50th Reunion in Durham. N.H.. Take care and God Bless.

  2. Aaron says:

    I wish I was that unicorn :) Sarah is so beautiful and funny. What a woman!

  3. waw says:

    Yes indeed, lucky, lucky unicorn!

  4. Rosen says:

    This seems to be the closest satire between Sarah Silverman and that scene in the movie “The Godfather.”

  5. john kimmel says:

    Hi Sarah, huge fan..
    very interesting vid you
    ‘ve, not sure what ur saying except now i think of the muppets in a different way;) i was so happy when i heard of you and jimmy for him to have such a lovely girl i didn’t know you and him were not together..;( keep writing snl type things and appeal to broader audience please, i could do better than the writers nowadays on there..;)

  6. ficklepickle says:

    Oh god, that’s sick!!!!!!
    Why did she come back to that asshole unicorn? He’s no good!

  7. Delbert Mcfly says:

    That’s one strong unicorn.I wonder if They swing?

  8. Josh Kirkby says:

    Sarah Silverman is the Honey Badger of comedy.

  9. huenchumilla fritz says:

    you right sarah, even the horses are not perfect.

  10. Juan says:

    No wonder why she felt for a double phallic animal. Sarah is a great comedian, and sure she can be a great actress.

  11. seth says:

    that is fu%#!n insane! i didn’t know unicorns eat shellfish… not kosher.

  12. Ookie says:

    I thought you could only get near a unicorn if you were a – ah, never mind…

  13. David says:

    Just say that I understand the hatred of the Jew, with people like you. I hope you know that your end is approaching and all those responsible for crimes against humanity in which your people “Jew” is responsible. Thanks for your coloboracion, thanks for your extermination

  14. kiss says:

    I like this video. Lovely couple

  15. Jesse says:

    I’m writing this because I think Princess Silverman deserves somewhat of a Jew-boost and I hate christian ignorance,hate,arrogance,body-odor, and children. Anyway, I know you would (and probably should) turn your nose up at the bible, and that’s probably why stuff like this goes unnoticed. So if you can dispose of your basic prejudices (that goes for everyone),you wont even be annoyed.

    We pick up when Jesus is before Pilate and related events. It begins with Jesus “answering” for his crimes during his tribunal with Pilate as the Judge and the Jewish elders as accusers. They must’ve been using Jewish law, and therefore the torah as the basis of whats written as accusations. Jesus has nothing to say. Nothing.
    To which Pilate is amazed, assumably because Jesus was known for (over)using torah scripture to loudly rail against the elders; because that’s what he does the most in todays middle testament, as any Christian can tell you. Resuming with the story. Pilate senses that the elders might have an ulterior motive for PROOOOOOOOVING the case that he was a false God, to him… a Roman, based on Hebrew law (the scriptures), so he lets the elders make their case to the crowd. They begin to shout crucify him and Pilate asks
    “Why? What is is crime?”
    Which is probably more an expression of wondering whether or not its a capital offense to impersonate God, rather than of doubting Jesus’ guilt in the matter.
    The Jews say,
    “crucify him”.
    Pilate then tells the crowd that he wont share in the guilt of crucifying him, to which the Jews actually reply that Jesus’ blood is on their, AND THEIR SONS HEADS…!!
    If your just tuning in I’ll just let you know that the Jews are not known for damning their own sons, to say the least.
    It basically means the elders made their case. TWICE. Using Jewish scripture. To a non-Jew, and then to all the Jews that were there. This is the most literal description of what took place!

    Anyways, ive got about a million of these things if you ever wanna talk about it (you should see what i can do to connect Exodus with the first chapter of the Koran entitled,
    “The Cow” Hint: It invloves a cow. The lazy kind.

    So not Jewish,
    Jess Brown

  16. Kalub says:

    Its fair to say i hate this woman as much today as i did in 2007. She had 2 mins of fame at the expense of Britney spears. Kicking someone when they are down as she did at the 2007 vma awards in Las Vegas. Its nice to see Britney over come lifes challenges as she has. I hope Sara Slithermaid is watching this years VMA’s when Ms. Spears is honored for a lifetime achievment award. SS little stand up act in 2007 was poor , tastless writing.

  17. Bill says:

    If I were still single, Sarah would be my dream-ideal woman. I love a woman with a quick wit, and Sarah has a hot bod to go with it. :-) I wish her much more success. :-)

  18. Wealthy Will says:

    Ive lost too much respect for the writers of a show that seems to parody life on a sketch comedy show, to write them personally. I also figure this might be of good interest to someone who takes time to edit what is essentially your fanmail.


    the only parody in that show is of good comedy.
    Naming HRH Queen Latifa …Regina and then using the black guy to say,
    “Hey im a black guy, what’s my name spelled backwards”
    In the next goddamn shot…

    …shows me and my maker (among many many other things) That respect for this show comes from places purely deprived of the
    honestly honorable,
    attemptingly betraying
    hopeless feining
    Pre-emptivley sleying
    Selfs Good-natured
    Turn’d vinegar chins.

    -God’s Gift
    be this:
    -God Exists.
    knowing That;
    though fortunate
    won’t make me


    Forms strongest steer-ing,
    In truest of moo
    an udder desire for my sweet moon.

  19. silverman says:

    what about updating the site

  20. Juan says:

    your shit is hilarious, i just recently discovered silverman, sucks theres no more sarah silverman program though, there should be like a 4th n 5th season.. or more Silverman!!!

  21. Chikabolita says:

    I need to see this video and it says its private. I love Sarah. Let me IN!

  22. AstroNutter says:

    OK! Let me watch this mad stuff. A, if animal &, OK! Your gonna make me laugh, yeah?

  23. AstroNutter says:

    you m’nn nutter! Wow, I laughed a lot! I built it up with the photo & yeah, real fun.

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