Always Open with Dave Koechner

Sarah caught up with Dave Koechner and at Denny’s for a Grand Slam.

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5 Responses to Always Open with Dave Koechner

  1. John Martini says:

    I’m glad that Sarah wants her fans to see her in a sexual way ! Because I was already doing that since the first time I saw her. Sarah definitely goes into the spank bank. Unlike that nasty Ho Lisa Lapinelli.

  2. Bill says:

    Oh, how I wish she wanted me seeing her in a sexual way! :-) She’s HOT!

  3. Anne says:

    She does an *amazing* job of using brilliant humor to build connections. YAY!

  4. I’m informing you guys’ , that if Ur trying to come on to this lady then Ur just wishing. It’s OK to worship from a distance. But, in Such a small world, sometimes, it’s unavoidable. So in that sense it’s . So you just have be gallant & grovel @herfeet saying how “this is the greatest moment in my life”. So chaps, please *don’t be “sexuallyizing” on Miss Silverman (*unless it helps with her career- perhaps a donation to her favorite charity for each whoops a daisy? Let’s call it a Gentlemans Agreement. Afterall, she really is a such a nice girl.

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