Upcoming Stand-Up Gigs

Here are some upcoming stand-up gigs that Sarah will be performing at:

Event Venue Date/Time
Sarah Silverman Indiana University Auditorium
Bloomington, IN
7:00 PM
Sarah Silverman The Fillmore – Detroit
Detroit, MI
8:00 PM
Sarah Silverman The Chicago Theatre
Chicago, IL
8:00 PM
Sarah Silverman Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
Portland, OR
8:00 PM
Sarah Silverman Moore Theatre
Seattle, WA
10:00 PM
Sarah Silverman Montbleu (formerly Caesars)
Stateline, NV
9:00 PM

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38 Responses to Upcoming Stand-Up Gigs

  1. cookie_rave_dave says:

    Awesome about the tour! I’ll be even more excited to seen more dates added so that hopefully one of them will be in a city near me…

  2. scott says:

    sarah – i love you!! why no northeast shows?? come to CT!! xoxo

  3. MIchael S. says:


    What about some L.A.( not Louisiana)love ?

  4. Please come somewhere near PA Dutch country’ Lancaster county,,I guess that would be come to philly or Baltimore, If i had to say a list of five people i’d wanna see in dis world before the whole sh-thole goes up in flames, that was a jim morrision quote_ the Beautiful funny talented Miss Lady,,,Sara Silverman would be Number one on the list. I just saw your new movie Sara, peep world, i liked it and you were perfect, you being in it was the reason i saw it, but it was a good movie, Later

  5. April hendrickson says:

    PLEASE COME TO SAINT LOUIS!….i will smoke the fattest blunt with you of some dank heady nug,i was just talking to a firend if i could smoke with anyone in the world it would be you.

  6. Coree says:

    Please come to Texas!! My life will never be complete until I see you perform live! :(

  7. Lauren says:

    please consider coming to CT!!!

  8. Raquel says:

    No New York?? Please!

  9. Jenny says:

    Please please please come to NYC!!!!!!!! It would complete my life!!!!!!!

  10. Brittany says:

    We love Laura, but we miss you too!!! How about a surprise show at the Steve Allen Theatre?

  11. Al Barnes says:

    come to Minneapolis! i think there are a couple people who like you here besides my friend Plarkles. he has something wrong with his bladder and would like to see you before he dies, or wets his bed again. thank you. you rock! (or the equivalent of rocking for stand-up). anyway, you are the best.

  12. Boomer says:

    read this —> Do a show in Arizona! Preferably in the Phoenix area…

  13. Paul Doris says:

    You must come home please do a show in Boston home of the best comedians!

  14. Sad Panda says:

    I wanted to see you in Portland, but my cat and my car needed repairs. Then I had a chance to meet you but your publicist freaked out. I am locking myself in my room now, weeping and eating Pop Tarts until you return and I get to see you. Sad, sad little panda.

  15. Nick Mullis says:

    Um…you forgot her show at the Mondavi Center in Davis last Sunday! Which I was at, and Sarah was fantastic! She even did a Q & A (people asked the dumbest questions) except for me. She loved my question and was absolutely adorable. She performed a new song! Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt. No joke! I have now *met* one of my idols.


  16. Roach says:

    OooOO!!! DENVER!!!!!!

  17. Dana says:

    Sarah ,
    PLEASE come to RI / MA / CT! You are awesome! Would love to see you!
    And thank you for giving me the courage to overcome my fear of midgets.

  18. Brian Austin says:

    You’ve created quite a fanbase.Goodluck on your career. You’re a very sweet an talented girl

  19. Anthony d says:

    Sara…. Please do a Los Angeles show!!!!! And……. Marry me?

  20. Laura says:

    Please come to Columbus, OHIO!!!

  21. kevin says:

    PLEASE PLEASE SARAH COME TO KELOWNA british columbia canada, would love to see you perform live pretty please (boy smiling head on one side)

  22. james golder says:

    what about tampa? sorry about the 2000 thing, 500 votes for king george UNBELIEVEABLE really unbelievable…. will keep pythons at bay, promise!

  23. Parris B says:

    Please come to Australia..we love you and you’ll love Oz.

  24. Victoria T says:

    Come to Denver!! Pretty please with a cherry on top?

  25. Zack Frisk says:

    Please come to Minneapolis, MN or Fargo, ND. It would be so awesome to see you live!

  26. Joe Huiss says:


    Please come to Columbus Ohio. The Palace Theatre is run by a bunch of Jews. They’ll treat you like a Queen. If Seinfeld can play there, surely you can…lol

  27. Katie M says:

    In England wondering just how dad would be mad if i didn’t pay the uni fees with my student loan and flew out to Nevada to see you instead. hmm

  28. Lauren says:

    Hi Sarah,,
    All my friends tell me i l look like you. Then i watched your videos and everyone is right lol. You should come to NYC or Long Island

  29. Charlotte says:

    The Jewish Community in Denmark would love to host you!!

  30. WOAH! says:

    VEGAS… DO IT!! You know you need a paid vacation of drinking, gambling, and debauchery…

  31. Maria says:


    Come to Europe, ….or more precise Sweden :-).

  32. james says:

    how about a show in sydney,australia?

  33. finchy says:

    How about Vancouver?? It’s SUPER close to Seattle and WEED is pretty much legal here!!

  34. Begoña says:

    I loved your book!!! Not just funny which impressed me a lot… Thank you.
    I wish I could see you perform live, but I guess Spain is out of the question. I’ve seen there’s people who want you to go to colukbus, OH, it’s fine with me I have friends there I could visit.

  35. D'fer says:

    Picked up the book cannot put it down.. Seriously, I am having someone else type this out…..faster dummy before you loose my thought. SS(hmmm)I do hope you write more books, have more silver screen appearances, tv shows, standup, more you for us. That would be very good.

  36. Anya says:

    Please come to the UK!

  37. Leah says:

    when will the 2012 tour be announced? would love to see you in NYC

  38. andy says:

    Why does everyone always skip Florida? I know it sucks here but we still love you just as much as the other states.

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