‘Peep World’ Trailer

Here is the trailer for the upcoming movie Peep World featuring Sarah Silverman, Michael C. Hall, Rainn Wilson, and many more. This movie is set to release in limited theaters March 25, 2011 (on demand February 9th).

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8 Responses to ‘Peep World’ Trailer

  1. Max says:

    Nice, I look forward to it.

  2. Ookie says:

    Would love to see Sarah guest star on Dexter.

  3. John Martini says:

    What can I say, Sarah is hot! I can watch her indefinitely! Everything about that woman is just raw.
    She is the sexiest woman around today, because she is also the most spiritual and intelligent. She is so underrated. But that’s because most sheeple are too dull to appreciate her wit and humor, which I believe is not too far removed from Groucho Marx. She’s the female Groucho Marx of today, and virtuously nobody gets it.

  4. erichample says:

    hellooosara(like u’ll ever read this) Have you ever told a joke at a bar and everybody just stops and drops thier jaws,and you’re looking at them as if to say “ok knockitoff”and they pick up on your ah your all full of crap-and oh,now you all actually listend to anything I said,-look making them realize reluctanty “Oh,I’ve thought that,but never said it,and almost appoleticly cringe a smile or even(after looking around so as to not be the only one to CRACK a laugh as if to not realy “get it”yet ,realy,REALY from they’re self denying whatevers go HA!TRYING NOT to let the sunshine lighten up thier darkest supresssed humor??? I HAVE TO!!!!!! brassybass@aol.com let me know,Igot amillionofthesethings eh

  5. DjT says:

    Is this the film about the words not quite coming out right, when the occasion presents itself, and all you can do is watch it all go down the drain? Metaphors.
    I guess its all about whats for lunch these days. That might be why Sarah looks so creamylicious. yum.

  6. DjT says:

    Before any of you camelheads can spit, lets just say at the very least she looks amazing in a womans baseball uniform without a checkswing, gorgeous in that dress in peep scensible, but I think she looks better in the new kangaroo crazy rainbow tracksuits.

  7. WTF !!! You get to do a movie with Dexter and he isn’t killing anybody ? That’s not a movie, that’s a family slide show for the deaf.

  8. Lynne says:

    “Peep World” has been OnDemand for over a week now! on Comcast. Saw it last week. It is great fun! (just in case your town doesn’t show it)

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