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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

February 21st. Click here for tickets.

7 Responses to “Stand-up: Largo in Los Angeles”

I noticed there weren’t any comments and I didn’t want Sarah to feel sad. I like this promotional poster, it’s very 1960’s, you know … The fonts and faded coloring and hobo pee stains around the edges.

I went to the West Memphis Three site and was a little confused … I know Memphis is in Tennessee, Arkansas is (who knows where) and Largo is in California and Florida (which just isn’t physically possible.

Anyway I hate the thought of Patton, Sarah and Paul being in prison for just killing some cub scouts (I mean come on, it isn’t like they make delicious cookies or anything) … How can I help them ?

when is 4th season. sara is one funny crazy little sexy lady

I think Sarah Needs to Quit Picking On Jews With
Mercedes Benz Cars.
I’m not being over-sensitive. It’s just that Sarah
doesn’t know a hoot from a hump about the Anti-Nazi
Treason Damlier-Benz committed to save Jews from the
Pure Homosexual SA. Benz hid Jewish makes by inventing “Acetic Acid Surgery” which recreated a
penile foreskin in less than 30 minutes.

Also; Benz was the manufacturer of the engine that killed more English Anti Semites than the 1918
Influenze epidemic that some believe occurred because England invaded Isreal (who had been a
soveriegn nation since the shutdown of the
Ottoman Empire in 1910) as part of their Orangemen
lead pogrom against Roman Catholics and Jews.

She should be reminded that England trained Rudolf
Hess and the Homosexual SA in Belfast from 1916 to
1918 in the techniques the English used to exterminate every single Roman Catholic in Southern
Africa during the Boer War.

England also repealed recognition of U.S. Soveriegnity
in 1946 because of the U.S. recognizing Isreali
Independence and the signing of the Marshal Plan.

Sarah should also be reminded that the Greatest
Nazi SA Hunter of the 20th Century (667 barehanded
kills [no strangulations])was killed in the “Still
Largest Bombing Ever” in 1961 in Southern
California. Which was committed by the
wealthy beatnics of the Homosexual Underground
Mandating America’s New Alliances. Today they have
done the Mafia styled conversion from Terrorist,
to Lobbyists, to Organized Crime Faction, under
their Acronym: HUMANA.

She should also be reminded that the SA executed
ALL Lesbians; but only the Jewish Homosexuals.

Today in the United States and Abroad Neo Nazi and
Full Naziist organizations allow ANY Race as long
as they are strictly violent Homosexuals.

Steve Blonske
GySgt USMC Retired

Steve Blonske,

PLEASE call your sister Debbie or Kathy. The truth has prevailed. You need help and you need your family. Your mother, Genny, wants you to be well. We hope your children in Japan are also okay. God bless.

Sandy. You are an obvious stalker and liar.

My mother died December 3rd 2001.
I’m Informing the FBI

Sandy You Are An Obvious Liar.
Steven Just Called Me Through My Son (U.S.Army).

Our Sister Debbie wouldn’t even call us and invite us to her husbands funeral. She doesn’t
even use the internet.

Papa, please mail me

Risa Blonske.

15 Feb. 2013

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