Sarah on Conan

Sarah Silverman was on Conan last night on TBS. Here is video from her appearance:

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20 Responses to Sarah on Conan

  1. ***** ******* says:

    You looked and were AWESOME on Conan: my favorite guest to date!

  2. Dear Sarah Silverman,

    Mazel Tov on your appearance on last nights Conan. I was writing to say that for 2012 primaries and elections. “I’m Fu$#*ng Obama”. A rational census. Containment 87.69.32./44. (don’t tell)

    Kourtney Kardashian

  3. hardstar says:

    the fat guy next to you was speechless for the whole 8 minutes. i’m thinkin he was probably breathing in the peach tree odor…

    congratz on your appearance btw!!

  4. Nick Paradissis says:

    If they could bottle up your Va jay jay scent, produce it in mass quantities under the marketing name Compassion for 14.99 a bottle, i would definitely purchase it and give it to my grandmother for Christmas.

  5. Dylan Ferrier Your #1 Fan says:

    I loved it I sooo wish I could bid on your auctions I would love both of those things that you are auctioning off.

  6. Rosen says:

    Sarah, Happy 40th Birthday! You’re such a gorgeous Jewish cougar!

    Also, I didn’t notice that you had blue/hazel eyes before.

    Anyway, hope you had a great Chanukah. Enjoy Xmas either Skyping your fans or eating Chinese food and/or going to the movies.

    As for Judaism, Sarah is right – Judaism is so much more than just a religion, it’s a lifestyle and identity, much like how Sarah says that she has Judaism “coming out of her pores.” One being Jewish and doing Jewish things all depends on their upbringing, education, as well as tolerance for others. Even though not all Jews are observant as to being religious, it’s much like that Simpsons episode where they go to Japan and don’t really do anything Japanese.

  7. Jess says:

    Now, do I classify this under propaganda, or sexified propaganaduh?

    P>S what kinda question is this?

  8. Bill Gates says:

    Dear Sarah Silverman,

    “The Rock has hit the shuttle” I give you the go ahead.

    The Big Three


  9. Steve Jobs says:

    I second that


  10. warren buffet says:

    Dear Sarah,

    I third that.


  11. Madge says:

    The soviets are planning the retreat.


  12. Me says:

    The spaghetti monster says
    “You do know the difference between a word and a sound, dontcha?”


  13. henry kissinger says:

    The Bedwetter
    The Bedwetter
    The Bedwetter

    : ) 8 )

    Q: Is The Bedwetter in use by any faculty or schools? As a memoir it is…ridiculously insightful.

  14. Rach says:

    This interview was really funny. Got to see Conan in Michigan, hope to see you here someday!

  15. Queen Elizabeth says:

    To Lady Silverman:

    The Pirates of the Carribean is a movie that I do not comprehend. Please do your best to translate his films into old English because I believe in you.


  16. Jeff says:

    Sarah I just want you to know, You can wet my bed anytime you want! And you dont have to worry I wont make fun of you or anything & I’ll even help you clean up ; )

  17. Jeff says:

    Sarah, I belive you when you say that your Vagina has a peach tree odor, I’ve never been to Georgia(the Peach state)but I’m sure it smells like your Vagina! In a good way ofcourse! Not in a icky redneck way!

  18. Duty Face says:

    Worst Interview Ever.


  19. Marie says:

    This is awesome :))

  20. Sweet hungry Thor, you are pretty. I have such a fetish for Jewish girls and chink eyes. Now I’m not Jewish, which I’m fine with. I actually say I’m Agnostic just because … you know , what if I’m wrong (Am I right?) ^_^ So anyway I don’t know the Jewish customs for this, but I would very much like to plow you. How much Jew gold does this cost ? You rock Big S. I can’t find the thumbs up emote … what is it … this (?) “d” – I don’t know.

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