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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

24 Responses to “Sarah’s Confession”

Yes just go ahead rub your clear pristine complexion in on all us blemished. How rude! (wink)

Sarah makes a good example of opening up on things and being honest and real (even though mentioning a blemish may be a little TMI).

I think she even mentioned how she was trying to campaign against closed-mindedness.

And the Oscar goes to…

My sympathy and support at this difficult time for you. Many have gotten through this situation and gone on to live long happy lives. Including me and others in my own family. Hope knowing there are others who’ve gotten through helps raise your spirits. And if you get more desperate, don’t do anything drastic before you talk to one of the many people available who can help. You are loved.

That’s ok, Sarah. I still think you’re beautiful. Besides, looking at where the pimple’s situated, it actually makes you cuter.

Dear Sarah,

Don’t blame yourself. Really, it could happen to anyone. It’s just that going into relationships with people comes with some… unforeseen consequences. You sure that Matt wouldn’t be the reason? Anyway, it’s just a spot, don’t worry.

you such a cool chik i think your amazing but dont let it get you down lol chin nup an no one will see it hahahaha have a great week sarah

You are forgiven, don’t try to cry, Sarah. I think, this is the beginning of the evolution to Unicorn stage.Take care of your horn seed. :). And, please, try to help this woman :

God bless you.

It’s not that bad. It’s just a pimple.


Mr. Preston

PS I got a dog like yours. And don’t call me Mr. Preston. That’s my moms name. Call me. Mrs. Midler.

i’, italian and i say:<>
keep on sarah!

That’s still not a reason to push you out of bed!

Gag me with a spoon {Moon Zappa}. Oh my gwad, I bwoke a nail.{every other girl from Highland Park ,Illinois.}.

Cubby Bear on Saturday…cool,I,ll try to get there.My hippie brother got me a ticket to Further on friday.So my entertainment money might get spent.Go ahead use the the highland park bit.Dont be afraid to point them out, They know who they are.Have a good time in Chicago,Great city.Good luck with yer show’s

oh dear sweet god and baby jesus!!!! sarah i hope youre doing better! my god have mercy on ur pimples soul.


i used to blast baby- batter on my ex- girlfriends face, best acne cream ever. that could also be the problem. one night she begged for one deep, hence- forth, Matusk, junior….Sarah are you pregzilla?

Hahahaa! Solid!

idiot you idiot its a joke lol

sarah we have a sex video


that was a joke btw…..

Why have I not heard more about her she is hilarious.
Her sense of humor on Conan had me rolling with laughter.

you should have made a follow up with what you were planning to do to exterminate that blemish… it feels like the cycle is not complete…

Wait until Menopause hits! We still get pimples, but not on the face!
We get them down there…in between the legs ☺

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