Sarah on Chelsea Handler Hosting VMAs

Here is an MTV interview of Sarah talking about Chelsea Handler’s performance as host of the 2010 Video Music Awards.

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8 Responses to Sarah on Chelsea Handler Hosting VMAs

  1. Sara Singer says:

    The only thing funny about ‘Bedwetter” was you Dad comment when he come home from college. Being Jewish and fascinated with pee and poop, hmmm?

  2. monica stiles says:

    Your so over Sarah are not funny anymore…your comedy is the same joke over and being dumb and crude.

  3. Saysomthin Niceenberg says:

    I’m not suppose to write on this site or blog for certain privacy reasons, but I can’t help myself after reading what you two douche-bags wrote. You know nothing about Sarah Silverman. Female comics like Sarah Silverman sometimes have to perform at the kindergarden of all awards ceremonies like Handler did. You two could have been at the VMA’s and had a laugh with all the cool people at that ridiculous show. If you two are the least bit hot, you could have probably gone back stage to bang Justin Timbernerd or Eminem. It would be better if you had done that then try to understand what a brilliant comic has to say and what her intentions are. I was fuming mad when I saw that one idiotic show with a bunch of nose pickers like the VMA’s with their stupid ass audience audience that is lucky to maybe have read one book in their life…Tuesday’s With Morrie, could hurt someones career. I really hope that Sarah starts catering to people who can deal with irony and comedy and still know that Sarah is actually a good person/not u 2 losers. You two could try watching comedy instead of drama. It will give you a sense of humor. You stupid Ass@$$holes. U don’t have to be so mean!

  4. TRal55 says:

    Sarah Silverman is too heady when she’s candid. She clarifies her sentences too much and it makes it seem like she has low self-esteem. she needs to just say what she needs to say and not be so apologetic about her thoughts

  5. sacdedouche says:

    Don’t think Sarah really likes Chelsea. Check out the body language, touching her nose as she says, “She’s great on her show”- lie alert!

  6. heights91 says:

    I looked up this website because i’m reading “bedwetter”. It just ok. I think Sarah is inconsistantly funny but when she is she is brillant. Don’t at all get why she’s obsessed with farts and vaginas. Really weak and childish. Like 12 year old boys. But… 1st in the Towers? Too genius. OH Chelsea Handler was terrible at the VMAs. Cringeworthy. She’s not likable

  7. Henry Ford says:

    Sarah wasn’t even at the show you guys. Get the facts straight this time.


    Henry Ford
    Founder of General Motors.

  8. Raven Simone says:

    Hey g will you tell Laura that the reunion after party is at my house this year. Thanks.

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