Comedy Benefit for Todd Glass

Sarah Silverman will be attending a comedy benefit to help raise money for Todd Glass’s medical bills who suffered a heart attack in April while performing at a Sarah Silverman & Friends show in LA. David Spade and Adam Carolla are also scheduled to attend. Here are the details:

David Spade & Friends Comedy Benefit Show
Largo in LA
August 31 @ 8pm.
Tickets are $40. Click here to buy.

Here is an older video of Sarah Silverman with Todd Glass.

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2 Responses to Comedy Benefit for Todd Glass

  1. Rich Reich says:

    Probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! Especially in light of recent Mel tirades. He has the Mel look and Sarah is too sexy to ignore. A masterpiece, ha.

  2. Holy crap!! Jebus, Sarah … How was the second date?

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