Sarah and Michelle – Sarah Silverman and Michelle Williams filming a scene for their new movie, Take This Waltz.

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  1. I think this film should be about Sarah and Michelle. They are friends and meet at the beginning. Shortly after they are witnesses to a man v. man fight. They ask the winner if he’s alright and get his phone#. Sarah fights Michelle all the way through the film. Michelle and Sarah become his friend in the end.

  2. Ookie says:

    IMDB says this film is about “a woman who must choose between two kinds of love”, which is rather vague. To get more in depth details on the plot, I looked up “love” on wikipedia. There, I found photos of 2 midget statues sitting in a swing, 2 hands making the shape of a heart, and a diagram of love flowing from a man’s heart to his head. I think that pretty much explains everything we need to know about love. I look forward to the film.

  3. joel says:

    Ye-Ha something worth going to check out.

  4. Saandy says:

    sarah doesnt look paperthin on that picture!

  5. Lucy says:

    Lookin’ forward to it. I hope it’s not just a tiny bit part though. I’ve reeeaaalllyyy been missing my Big S fix since the show was cancelled. Boo!

    Saandy come awn? Why would you visit Sarah’s site and comment on her weight? Srsly? Would ya pop into a local Weight Watcher’s meeting just to express how unfunny all of its members are?

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