Nantucket Film Festival

Video of the Nantucket Film Festival Comedy Roundtable featuring Sarah Silverman, Ben Stiller, Andy Samberg, and Zach Galiflanakas. This took place June 19th at Nantucket High School and was hosted by Brian Williams.

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5 Responses to Nantucket Film Festival

  1. Ookie says:

    This was held at a high school? And you wonder why our schools are so screwed up.

  2. Tarryl says:

    The editing in this is so bad that it kills the comedy

  3. Igziabeher says:

    I guess you had to be there, because that was not funny at all.

  4. Paradissis says:

    Sarah I seek your advice with relationships. Can you help me find my future love? I wish tranquility in your favor as well as epic mention… Please find me in your dreams or nightmares, im open minded.

    -Nick_ P.S. i have a bunch of film you may be interested in… kind of.

  5. Man, I love Zach … platonically. Well, after a few rohyponols who knows? But, people you gotta catch his “Between Two Ferns with Zach Gasinstationoff” over at – It’s hilarious!!

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