Take This Waltz

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Sarah is in Toronto for the summer shooting the movie, Take This Waltz, featuring Sarah Polley, Seth Rogan, and Michelle Williams. Other than that there hasn’t been a lot going on lately but I’ll keep you guys updated on new info as soon as I hear!

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19 Responses to Take This Waltz

  1. Yak says:

    I am a huge fan!!!!! Awesome can’t wait to see the movie!!!!!

  2. Parafreakout says:

    Love Peace and Hope, You kick butt!

  3. osmutante says:

    Your stand-up act isn’t going to write itself, Sarah. Stop chasing the quick buck by staring in terrible movies and start aiming at getting yourself an HBO special. You’re selling your soul, but Jews will be Jews!

  4. LauraW says:

    Dear Sarah,

    I love your show. I watch it on netflix quite often. When I do, it feels like I’m hanging out with a cool friend.

    I am a professional pianist and teacher. Your songs have a certain unique quality that is specific to you. I admit I am biased, but I see your talent as a musician and songwriter. Have you compiled your songs and created an album? I can imagine extra remix versions… :-) Perhaps if they were remixed, they could cross-over into top 40…

    Your melodies are cool already, and catchy, and actually more complex than melodies that can be found on the more popular top 40 songs. All you’d really need to is add a funky beat and trendy musical “accessories” (like that robot-sounding pitch effect that’s been trending since Cher came out with “Do you believe in Life After Love”– the very same one that Kanye West was using in that live performance when everyone accused him of not being able to carry a tune). Voila – crossover artist. By the way, I’m not saying you SHOULD try something; I’m just expressing an idea.

    People like songs not only because they are catchy and addictive, but because they project their own feelings and experiences onto them. Most songs, if you notice, are about man’s relationships to his most primitive desires: money, power, and poontang. The only problem with a comedic song crossing over to top 40 is that is would actually have more depth than other popular songs and require that listeners dig a little deeper. No kidding. Comedy is quite serious. I get it. Doodie, for example. Everyone’s filled with it. That’s a truth that any person would find difficult to admit. To admit to the world and oneself that one is filled with doodie would stand directly in the way of said person’s ability to acquire the money, power, and poontang that they so much desire.

    The world’s not ready to face itself, Sarah. Comedy is serious work. Thank you for doo-ing what you doo. Haha.

    May you go far.

    Laura Williams
    Piano Teacher, Conservatory Division
    Columbus State University
    Columbus, GA

  5. Mark says:

    Good luck with the movie.

  6. Melissa says:

    You know it’s not good to make fun of jesus.He could kill you some how today are tomorrow. You can talk about this on tv about what I said but you need to know that’s not funny! Oh and read the bible there’s the truth.even thow you thx it’s funny god still loves you. And Jesus died for you so you can A-Amitd to god that your are a sinner and B-believe he died for you and C- confess and if your heart right heaven awaits but I don’t know that but god does. Go to a church and you can learn more.heaven or he’ll you decide not a joke.melissa sutton

  7. Igziabeher says:

    ^^^I can’t believe people like this still exist.

  8. Sheila says:

    Dear Sarah;

    I just finished your Bedwetter book and laughed outloud numorous times. I peed my self, just a bit too. Thanks for the book, it’s pretty funny!


  9. m says:

    does anyone know the exact Toronto locations the movie is filming in?

  10. Generic Guy says:

    Random meaningless insult that means nothing.

  11. Davey J says:

    I love you Sarah….you’re the funniest prettiest jew ever

  12. Dphunkt says:

    im gonna take it on faith that this isnt a ‘bitchy girlfriend of a side character’ role. since Sarah has lamented those scripts being the most prevalent. still waiting to see the St Las Vegas flick, and loved the Eating Cheese role she played across from Jeff. sounds like a good cast too..cept for Seth – that guys been good for awhile now/and i hate him for it.

  13. Jenny says:

    Just finished The Bedwetter and loved how you put everything in perspective in regards to how more people were upset over your jokes about Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears than your comment on Conan’s show. How you can read all the nasty comments is beyond me, but I give you all the credit in the world to go on doing what you do. Keep making it real and making us laugh.

  14. billy says:

    Just saw her perform new stand up material at Largo in Hollywood. She’s gonna be there on the 25th of this month also, so i’m not sure why the website says she is gone all summer?

  15. Stephen says:

    If Jesus exists(my belief) he’d no doubt have as a good a laugh as I have watching Sarah’s show and following asstd. news clips on her.
    My only disappointment? The songs cd didn’t have the ‘You’re the retarded adult scene with Jojo and Stencil.

  16. Stephen says:

    On a side note does anyone know when the next dvd is coming out?
    Another aside; Sarah should be on HBO where she could truly let loose. Comedy Central has only Colbert and the daily show imo.

  17. Is it all about trying to funy all the time ! & when you fail, why do you not utilise the time in making funny but pertinent ‘social commentary’!
    as who cares where you are. or who you are being sexed up by ! preferably we would all prefer it was a fruit like, banana ! so ior others could organise a monthly shipment on regular basis! KEEP to Life – & not mundane boring topics like yours or anyones love life! gee leave that to afterlife!

  18. jon doe says:

    i heard she is gonna be nude in this movie!! this mmovie jus got a whole lot more interesting

  19. Samson Knight says:

    I just want to nail her a couple of times … thats all ..

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