Penn on Sarah and Islam (6/6/10)

“Why Not Even Sarah Silverman Trashes Muslims” is the title of an episode of online Penn Point posted June 6, in which entertainer Penn Jillette editorializes about how even the most ardent social critics fail to comment on issues involving Muslims because they are fearful for their own safety. He reads a section from Sarah’s Bedwetter in which she outright says she chooses to avoid Islam-based comedy out of fear. (But first he digresses to lavish praise on Sarah in general, using her story of loss of virginity and its accompanying e-mail exchange with the man she’d slept with, as his example of the high quality of her memoir.)¬† Doesn’t all that inspire those of you who haven’t yet read The Bedwetter to go buy a copy? (P.S. Penn Point is a personal op-ed¬†YouTube video log Penn Jillette posts regularly. Among the ways Penn knows Sarah is he is the creator of the quasi documentary feature film The Aristocrats, which includes Sarah as one of the many tellers of the famed shaggy dog story.) Click here to view the video beginning just before the part that involves Sarah.

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