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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

Click on the poster for more ticket info!

6 Responses to “Stand-Up: Comedy Death Ray”

No, I am not a pirate just mad that I am stuck in Dallas and can not attend this!

Could someone please film this show & put it on YouTube, PLEASE… I’m stuck in Sweden :(

YouTube it! Please! Wait…Sarah doesn’t like when her stand-up is video-taped. She ridicules tapers. I don’t wanna be the butt of a joke.

Hay Sarah,
Now that you’ve had your go at the racism of conservatives, how about doing the same of liberals. For instance, rip on journalist Helen Thomas and her anti-semitism on film: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQcQdWBqt14
After the big media spaz attack over Imus’s “nappy haired ho’s ” comment, they are strangely quiet over this overt display of jew hating.

I liked Rich Fulcher on the Mighty Boosh. Patton Oswalt was good in a dramatic role in Dollhouse. That Silverman girl is pretty good, too.

Hey! Where did everybody go? It’s almost 2 and a half weeks since anything’s been posted here! Yeesh. Show gets cancelled and how quickly they forget.

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