Sarah on The View

Sarah was on The View this past Monday during Memorial Day. Check it out!

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6 Responses to Sarah on The View

  1. nick placco says:

    Hi Chris, Do you know if Sarah is scheduled to preform at Mohegan Sun in the furture and if so when.

  2. Chuck says:

    How awkward was that when Sarah brought up Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? – total silence from the military crowd … starting right off with the whole gay military issue was inappropriate as there is no way any military person would be allowed to respond to this issue in this setting. However, it was nice she referred to them as heroes, but I do not think it’s her best target audience for her shtick. She is a City girl at heart who backs City issues/cultures. She might gain a different perspective on certain life issues if she took her comedy show on the overseas, military circuit someday. Don’t get me wrong, jokes about poopie, farts, etc. are funny, but the few times she gets serious she always seems to focus on political issues.

  3. Theresa Black says:

    I loved the ‘Don’t ask Don’t Tell’ opener! Genius!

  4. Rick H says:

    I love you and everything you do, and I am a huge fan.
    I am a gay man and I am so glad you asked the audience about don’t ask don’t tell.
    It’s so ironic that these men and women who have fought for our “freedoms” do not have the freedom to answer your question.
    Anyway, keep up the good work, and keep making us piss our pants.
    Big HUGS

  5. Chuck says:

    Here is the truth Rick. Raising the issue IS the issue and is just as serious an issue as when a gay military individual is abused by any other military individual. A military team must work as team to survive, period. Nobody can fully understand this unless that person has been in war themselves. You and Sarah are 100% right about the issue, but that’s not the relevant point. Of course it shouldn’t matter one bit to anyone if a U.S. soldier is gay and there simply shouldn’t have to be any policy about being gay anywhere because it just shouldn’t matter to anyone who fights as a team while protecting America and saving each other’s lives at the same time. The problem is too many of the soldiers who protect us on the battlefields (thus allowing us to keep our freedom as a nation) are not as educated as most of America who are not in the military (fact with plenty of exceptions of course) and thus have lots of BIASES. If a gay soldier saves the life of a non-gay soldier during war, nobody will care one bit about his sexual preferences. The policy is not fair, but the focus of every soldier must ONLY be on fighting/functioning as a team, NO other factors should be clouding the minds of our fighting soldiers. If any gay soldier is abused by another soldier then of course that should be handled in a military court immediately. My point Rick is of course this military audience has the same freedoms Sarah and you do. However, this audience would NEVER put value into the issue or any other legal/political issue because their ONLY mission is to complete their mission and any talk about any controversial issue directly interferes (whether fair or not) with all of their abilities to work as a team and to complete their missions, the success of which allows ALL of us to remain free. Of course the gay/military issue needs to improve, but Sarah should NEVER have put that burden on that audience. It was not a matter of them choosing not to exerscise their first amendment rights, it was a matter of much greater importance, which was their desire to stay focused (with the help of both straight AND gay military personnel) on their MISSION to protect us ALL. The gay/military issue should be addressed by their superiors and the three brances of government, NOT by a military audience. This is what Sarah of course failed to think through; wrong audience, wrong approach; but right in her stance on the issue. Sarah has a good heart and mind, but just like the pot use she promotes (to a confusing stop line that many Americans are incapable of stopping at) she fails sometimes to think about the negative effects that her non-joking stances have on segments of the population that she doesn’t consider. Again, I sympathize with public figures who are held to such high standards but fueling the fire on already controversial issues is fine, unless the target audience is in the fire themselves.

  6. JIM DURR says:

    I have always enjoyed your show and your comments. Lately I think your show has lost a little of its zip.
    I enjoyed BEDWETTER but wish there had been more about you and Kimmel. He is very funny also.
    Keep up the good work.i

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