Q Deezy Interviews ‘Big S’

Q Deezy is on a quest to be the next great host with 30 interviews in 30 days. On Day 9 he caught up with “Big S” to catch her singing and peeing.

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4 Responses to Q Deezy Interviews ‘Big S’

  1. Chuck says:

    I’m confused. It’s obvious Sarah really loves weed. She refers to it all the time. Here’s what I just don’t get…Sarah says weed is ok if used as a treat, but she believes to use it too often is bad to the point where she would consider that type of person as being really messed up. What’s too often? once a week? twice a week? Is every day ok, except on the Sabbath? Is she saying take it only on special occasions? What if you really like your life and every day is a special occasion to you? Would it be ok to take it every day then? What if, like me, you don’t and have never used weed at all? Does that mean that I have lived my whole life and missed out on the ultimate treat? I don’t judge Sarah or anybody else, but I think I prefer to have my #1 treat as something I can do as often as I want without it having some type of negative side effects on my brain/body. This way the treat will never turn into an unexpected trick. I think I’ll just stay high on life. But again, not judging Sarah, just confused with her logic. Maybe she knows when a treat is no longer a treat, but I bet many other people who look up to her (and rightfully so as she is an amazingly, talented comedian) don’t have a frickin clue and start using it as a treat, and then quickly advance to using it as a dessert/treat after every meal three times a day. My point here is if Sarah keeps her under control weed treat uses a bit more private she will not get misinterpreted re: usage amounts
    by so many people who look up to her. We are not talking about the harmless misinterpretations of her well delivered jokes, we are talking about Sarah unintentionally creating drug problems for people she will never meet/know. I know she supports many honorable causes, I just don’t know why she refers to pot so much every chance she gets. Most of the time now, her pot references are not even part of any joke, it’s just turned into part of who she is. That doesn’t sound like someone who treats it like a treat? Comedians should never be held accountable for their jokes because they are just professionals who are great at making the public laugh. But when being serious and publicly promoting a drug as a treat and then in the next breath denouncing it as being harmful if overused, just unintentionally creates too much confusion in the minds of average people. And oh yeah, until it’s legalized, it’s illegal except in States where it is legal with a prescription which California is one of. Thousands of people think it should be legalized and I am sure Sarah is one of these people and she is more than entitled to her opinion. However, if she believes overusage is a problem, why would she then promote it’s usage at all???????????????????????????? Her idol, Pres. Obama would agree with me on this. Maybe if he spoke to her she would listen.

  2. K says:

    How young are you? I dunno did I just understand it differently but for me this example means just what I think myself too… everything is good when you have control over it (and it doesn’t harm other people) and not that thing having control over you. You can’t say that only weed and alcohol are bad for you using wrong. You CAN harm your mind and body also with food, sex, wrong friends and so on. Everything is bad for you if you don’t know the limits, stupid people doesn’t understand it, for stupid people there are church (with 10 commands that are so obvious that I don’t need someone even to say me that stealing is wrong cause I can think with my own brain), logical moral rules etc.

    For stupid people is weed a bad thing… but for stupid people is also food (and so on!) bad thing or there wouldn’t be so many suffering extremely fat people. With weed you have to think clearly like with food, you may need it for relaxing (I don’t drink alcohol cause it is more bad for me cause it makes me angry, not relaxed) but you can’t use it for escape. I smoke weed few times a year, this year I haven’t yet… I’m not recommending it! I’m not thinking as Sarah that you have to treat yourself with weed cause people are messed up with treating themselves with food too! I’m just thinking that stupid people shouldn’t smoke weed, eat or have sex for treat but smart people… why not!

  3. Chuck says:

    So you are saying smart people have control over how much weed they use and stupid people do not. Here’s where I lose you on that reasoning. I have never met a “smart” person who hasn’t done incredibly stupid things in their life. Will a small number of “smart” people always be able to just use weed as a treat or will they at some point, or on just one occasion, misjudge their bodies reaction to the amount they take resulting in some type of heartbreaking misfortune or worse, a tragic set of resulting circumstances (ex. driving while incredibly high). We all agree this would be a “stupid” thing to do, but what if that person has gone decades being “smart” about it and just has one bad/stupid day? Same could be said for alcohol use, right? Sarah, whether she likes it or not, is a public figure. Some people, whether you term them “smart” or “stupid”, tend to mimic the actions of the public figures they aspire to be like. Every time Sarah promotes weed use in a non-joking manner (like in her treat exampe and in some of her interviews), you can sure bet that there will be a set of people (I have no idea the number) who will be influenced and ATTEMPT to use weed just like she does. The problem is that your definition of “stupid” people will use it way too much and a small set of “smart people” will increase their usage too and will have their “stupid” and hopefully not tragic moments. If Sarah uses it as an escape/treat like you do, that is her personal decision, but WHY would Sarah promote its use (which is backed by her star power, no different than the lift she gave to Obama when she used her star power to get him more votes) when that particular promotion WILL (although unintentionally) certainly result in MORE people she will never know nor meet (and exact number not measurable) being harmed by its over-use strictly as a result of her constant and regular references to it? I sympathize with public figures who are held to higher standards, but they need to understand at some level that their interpretation of their actions will never be seen by the “stupid” and “most of the time smart” public the same way. All Sarah has to do is keep this part of her private life private. I do agree that excess in any area can lead to problems (except re: sex, the more you do that, the healthier and less stressed we all are (so say the health experts-and I agree with that!!!). and K, I am 44 years old.

  4. FooF says:

    why does that guy’s lips look like a booty? that’s not very Judeo-Christian

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