Sarah’s Shelf Indulgences

Sarah presented her favorite movies and music at Borders in Washington, DC during her book tour. Take a look.

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8 Responses to Sarah’s Shelf Indulgences

  1. waw says:

    Sarah, you are infinitely fascinating…

  2. johan bergenson says:

    Hi Sarah :) I totally agree with you, Rilo Kiley is great & I just love the squid & the whale, it´s been awhile since I saw it, gonna see it again today. You should listen to band of horses & iron & wine, I just love those bands. :)

  3. Ookie says:

    When I am feeling depressed and am rocking back in forth in a corner and thinking that life is terrible, I reach for my favorite Sarah Silverman DVD that has brought me so much joy and I throw it at that neighbor’s cat that’s always pooping in my yard.

  4. Chuck says:

    Sarah, it’s kind of cool that you like Defending Your Life! It was one of the best movies ever made, but not many people still talk about it. It is almost impossible to only watch it one time. No real special effects or blood and gore, just a solid comedy and heart-wrenching story where the viewer roots for Albert Brooks’s character from the beginning until the end. Meryl Streep was fanstastic and so was the supporting cast. Hmmm, you are definitely deeper than you usually come across, but that’s intentional on your part as you are great at your own brand/style of comedy!!

  5. Thank you for the Rilo Kiley recommendation, I really like them.

    In return I would like to suggest Eddi Reader ( as a singer with a phenominal voice.

  6. Johnny Athmann says:

    Dearest Sarah,
    I work at a Borders in MN; I work in the cafe which requires, for the most part, no attention at all…so, I read and finished your book today (over three days). To that, and in response to your video…”an ‘ilarious” is, strangely, grammatically correct (honors bachelor’s degree in English). I invite you to come promote your book in MN, at the (shitty)…awesome/best/amazing location in Richfield, just down the street from the Mall of America. me=big fan. Your “Mask” reference in your 1992 stand-up totally made my day, no lie. That kid needs a head-lift.

  7. Sarah Fan says:

    Hey, I love Sarah Silverman ! And I’m gonna buy the book, too :)

  8. Dear Sarah,
    I can’t believe you didn’t call me when you were in D.C. I would have taken you out on the town. I hope your show gets cancelled…too soon?

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