Sarah on ‘The Marriage Ref’

Sorry I didn’t post the info about Sarah being on NBC’s The Marriage Ref yesterday. However, you can watch the full episode below.

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6 Responses to Sarah on ‘The Marriage Ref’

  1. Greg says:

    Poor little Sarah. Her being on this show is like watching someone trapped in a prison where the walls are made of stupid.

    The funniest part was when their commercial lead-in before Leno came out tried to make it look like she was surprised and happy he was there, yet there weren’t any close ups when he actually came out, hmm.

  2. David Lee B says:

    The first and last time I’ll ever watch this show. Definitely not for the young and black gay heart.

  3. maria chavez says:

    sarah, believes in supporting each other in a relationship but she’s way too independent to stay in a long term relationship.

  4. SSO says:

    Maria, obviously you don’t know Sarah that well. She’s very long-term committed and was in a relationship with Jimmy Kimmel longer than most celebrities are ever in a relationship.

  5. Chuck says:

    I thought Sarah was really insightful throughout the show and she definitely put effort into analyzing each scenario. Somewhere deep in her subconsious she just might have an inkling of a thought like, “Maybe, just maybe I can get married someday and actually enjoy it.” (cuddle issues, as mentioned in book, resolved forever). Or she is paying attention to the majority (99.999%) of her brain telling her, “You were RIGHT girlfriend!! There is no way I will ever let you permanently subject yourself to a putz of any kind!” Anyway, the choice will become clear whenever she finally does find true love which has a strange way of overcoming all percentages.

  6. dphunkt says:

    didnt know i had any anxiety about getting married. and the shows fun, but i hope theres no panel needed when im in the throws of argument. all the blame seems pointed towards a need of change, nevermind’ing the partnership needed to encourage it. marriage-as-work probably instills alotta off the clock bickering..”ya gotta put work in” sheesh.

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