‘The Bedwetter’ Sorta Mentions SSO!

In the chapter “Me Play Joke” of Sarah Silverman’s book, The Bedwetter, Sarah sort of mentions SarahSilvermanOnline.com in response to the backlash of her Paris Hilton joke at the MTV Movie Awards:

The next morning I Googled myself, and discovered that my joke had sent the internet ablaze. The L.A. Times described my joke as “a cruel beat-down on Hilton.” Even on my own unofficial Web site, one visitor–and presumably a fan–posted: “That was one of the meanest things I’ve ever witnessed.”

That comment was left by “Ellie” on June 5, 2007 and can be found here.

Thanks Sarah for kinda plugging the site in your book. :)

Update: Recently found out that sarahsilvermanonline.com is printed on the inside jacket cover of The Bedwetter!

So Sarah, does this mean SSO is now your official site? 😉

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16 Responses to ‘The Bedwetter’ Sorta Mentions SSO!

  1. colin says:

    i finished the book today and i really liked it i wish sarah was 25 right now with me, there was lots of good parts i am a writer and loved the part about how writing sucks until it’s all done, so u have to do a little by little and reward yourself every time, even if you dont do anything but try. that is like my day every day and so true and funny. my theory is that sarah was a ‘gross hairy piss stained monkey child’ (her words…maybe) to increase the odds she’d be left alone and become the awesome person she is!

  2. m. says:

    that’s amazing that the site was mentioned!!! Way cool! I am loving the book so much! I cannot put it down! w00t!

  3. dphunkt says:

    congratz to Ellie for giving the unrelenting masses a frowny face to post by.

  4. Harry says:

    I had to put it down to wipe my eyes from laughing


  5. Nancy Flaster says:

    The only question in my head while reading your very funny wonderful book is “Does Sarah Silverman have a nose job?” I myself do, so I’m not judging.


  6. Stacey says:

    I’m pretty sure this website is listed in the back flap of her book…

  7. Karen says:

    I met her in DC!! 😀 i <3 her. so sweet. and funny. and totally inappropriate. freakin' awesome.

  8. Johan says:

    LOVE the book Sarah, the part where your father farted at the restaurant was soooo funny. Can´t wait to continue reading it :)

  9. Robert says:

    Love Sarah and her book!

  10. Saandy(CHOCOLATEEYE14) says:

    I loved that joke about the penis-bars in prison.hahahahaha…Its still funny!!!
    gonna get the audio version of the book.READING??no,thx!

  11. Chuck says:

    I remember when I was 8 and in front of a packed Synagogue house/service, I unintentionally unleashed a huge, long fart. The religious nuts around gave me such mean stares I felt like I had just released a new plague upon these people. I started laughing uncontrollably and was immediately told to leave by the Cantor. The only person who smiled at me as I was being escorted out was the Rabbai who was Gabriel Maza (Jackie Mason’s brother; Mason is of course a made up name). Rabbai Maza was even funnier than Jackie because he spoke clearly (Sarah, your mom would appreciate that). With Jackie, it’s like listening to Don Corleone on speed with cotton balls in his mouth. Anyway, my grandparents were from Russia (dad’s side) and Poland (mom’s side) and raised my parents to be faithful Jews. Unfortunately their idea of being Jewish was to read about three pages in the Sedar book and then cut it all short once those hard to pronounce archaic/Hebrew names started coming up too often!! I was ok with that but not the “you will be solely responsible for the end of our religion” type comments they pounded me with whenever I brought home a non-Jewish girlfriend while, during my same late teenage years, serving a mound of bacon every Sunday morning for me and my two sisters. So yeah Sarah, I guess I can relate to you in many different ways and your book was well written and an easy, enjoyable read. My only different view with you is on Pres. Obama. I liked him alot too, but I just couldn’t get over the whole Rev. Wright thing. Shouldn’t/Couldn’t he have just gotten up and just walked away from him during one of his many “I don’t care for America” (putting it nicely here) speeches over all those years? You said you like to solve a good mystery in your book. Well this is one I couldn’t figure out and he only verbally disassociated himself with dhim AFTER the media heat was turned up. So the irst time in my life I wasted my vote and as I stood at the voting booth decided to cast my vote for the only person I could think of that I could trust to do the right thing all the time. I voted for Superman. Thank you for doing the book. Oh I fell asleep a few times while reading it but that’s only because I got bored when flipping the pages with no writing on them and when squinting to read your handwriting on your diary pages (you are 100% right no matter how you talk about diaries, they are informative, but quickly boring without an immediate auto-response mechanism).

  12. Kimmie Jimmel says:

    I was shocked, shocked I say, at what I read in “Bedwetter.” Yo-Yo Ma is a cellist, not a violinist. To suggest that all Chinese musical geniuses must have E-strings is unforgivably racist.

  13. Bruce says:

    The only question in my head while reading your very funny wonderful book is “Does Sarah Silverman have a nose job?” I myself do, so I’m not judging.


  14. Cindy Herlihy says:

    Hi all, have just discovered this incredibly fucking funny woman!!!!
    Finished her “Bedwetter” book and I’m hooked!!
    I live in Tasmania, Australia and I’ll be adding her site to my “favourites” in an effort to get to know everythiong about Sarah fucking Silverman!!!

  15. Cindy says:

    Please ignore my spelling mistake in the word “everything”.
    Don’t want people to think it’s a Tassie thing :-)

  16. jbk says:

    wow That’s soo awesome. Awesome for you and awesome of her.

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