The Bedwetter – In Stores Today!

The Bedwetter is now available in stores! Or you can order your copy on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble. Let us know what you think about the book!

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12 Responses to The Bedwetter – In Stores Today!

  1. Dude says:

    will this be available as an audiobook on iTunes? If so, when?

  2. nigel says:

    i got to have this book i love sarah.

  3. Rosen says:

    Sure makes many of us want to write an autobiography of ourselves when we get to a good, ripened or primal age.

  4. Sounds like i gotta get your book, as soon as my taxreturns are in.
    In fact, i promise to buy _and_ read it..
    I kinda hate books atm 😉

    I love them youtube amv’s atm.. 😉

  5. Ookie says:

    I would buy the audiobook if it’s read by Sarah.

  6. JT Great White says:

    dont kill yourself you crazy bitch, I love you.

  7. Ed says:

    Hey, I think it would be a great playboy of you wetting the bed. But I think Sarah P would be a better playmate than you.

  8. Gamey says:

    I am about 1/2 way through the book. It’s terrific. I love all the pix of Sarah and her family and fellow comedians. I just got it and I can’t put it down. I love all things Sarah.

  9. Bought the book today at your book signing. I had to send a text to everyone after the fact, it went a little something like this.
    ” Just met Sarah Silverman today and she is not 10 feet tall, she is like my size!”

    The response from most guys said to just make out w her. Eww she did make me sweat but I don’t think I would even make out with my boyfriend, yuck (and he doesn’t even lick dogs asses)

    Anyway everyone buy this book, so far I’ve only read the forward and it’s funny.


  10. I so TOTALLY ( with political correcteness installed + Norton protection) Oh also a condom I suppose :( objectify you….

    criminy. object of sex and the :jewess: of all time.

    A loss to the pig maledome of the centuries. BUT! We celebrate the gurls who are *so lucky*!!! great life

  11. J.M. says:

    The book is available as an unabridged (that means: nothing is cut out) audiobook, read by Sarah herself. What’s more, she does voices/impressions/loving mockeries when quoting other people! How cool is that?

  12. Chuck says:

    I remember when I was 8 and in front of a packed Synagogue house/service, I unintentionally unleashed a huge, long fart. Everyone gave me such mean stares I felt like I had just released a new plague upon these people. I started laughing uncontrollably and was immediately told to leave by the Cantor. The only person who smiled at me as I was being escorted out was the Rabbai who was Gabriel Maza (Jackie Mason’s brother; Mason is of course a made up name). Rabbai Maza was even funnier than Jackie because he spoke clearly (Sarah, your mom would appreciate that). With Jackie, it’s like listening to Don Corleone on speed with cotton balls in his mouth. Anyway, my grandparents were from Russia (dad’s side) and Poland (mom’s side) and raised my parents to be practicing Jews. Unfortunately their idea of being Jewish was to read about three pages in the Sedar book and then cut it all short once those hard to pronounce archaic/Hebrew names started coming up too often!! I was ok with that but not the “you will be solely responsible for the end of our religion” type comments they pounded me with whenever I brought home a non-Jewish girlfriend and, during my same late teenage years, serving a mound of bacon every Sunday morning for me and my two sisters. So yeah Sarah, I guess I can relate to you in many different ways and your book was well written and an easy, enjoyable read. My only different view with you is on Pres. Obama. I liked him alot too, but I just couldn’t get over the whole Rev. Wright thing. Shouldn’t/Couldn’t he have just gotten up and just walked away from him during one of his many “I don’t care for America” (putting it nicely here) speeches over all those years? You said you like to solve a good mystery in your book. Well this is one I couldn’t figure out and he only verbally disassociated himself with him AFTER the media heat was turned up. So for the first time in my life I wasted my vote. As I stood inside the voting booth I decided to cast my vote for the only person I could think of that I could trust to do the right thing all the time. I voted for Superman. Thank you for doing the book. Oh I fell asleep a few times while reading it but that’s only because I got bored when flipping those few pages with no writing on them and when squinting to read your handwriting on your diary pages (you are 100% right no matter how you talk about diaries, they are informative, but quickly boring without an immediate auto-response mechanism).

    Left by Chuck on May 8th, 2010

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