Preview of the season finale of The Sarah Silverman Program. Tune in and support what may possibly be their last episode.

The Sarah Silverman Program Thursday, 12am / 11c
Preview – Dueling Memorials

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17 Responses to Wowschwitz

  1. colin says:

    it makes me sad to think this could be the last episode. i got all the dvds and itunes of new season and her book i cant wait for. it doesnt matter cause im going to make a movie and she’ll be in it! take that comedy central! besides, isnt it like their number four show besides daily show, colbert, and south park? what else besides those 4 do people even know about? c’mon…

  2. Gen says:

    Where’s that song from the guys kept humming after they said “Banana cop, do do do do do…”? Stuck in my head please help!

  3. Peteykins says:

    Gen, that’s “Mah Nà Mah Nà,” first used in an Italian film and later made famous on Sesame Street. Wikipedia has an entry on it.

    Was that Ed Asner playing a Nazi? My goodness.

  4. Steve Roy says:

    What kinda world do we live in when a talent like and their teriffic ensemble might not get another great if short season?

  5. annieB.C. says:

    Fuck! I love your show! So much on television is stale images from hospital E.R.’s and courtrooms, but Sarah Silverman Program has human-cannonballs and orange robots. You guys always surprised me with awesome guest-stars, too. After 3 seasons, you really figured out how to make something wonderful.

  6. Kathy says:

    Sarah needs to stop degrading Jesus Christ. How would she like people to degrade the people of the Holocaust. Sarah you need to watch the Passion Of The Christ.You are a misguided pathetic individual. I love you and I will Pray for you Sarah. Jesus loves you.

  7. colin says:

    its so funny kathy said that cause on her last episode sarah made fun of the holocaust and her people, as she has many times before. people need to lighten up or at least know what they’re talking about. and btw jesus christ is a fictional character lol

  8. Netta says:

    Sarah: I watched the Wowschwitz episode. I did not find it funny. I was not born Jewish, nor do I have Jewish heritage. I saw you on on the View & you seemed worth following. I found you interesting, with some challenges. The holocost stuff just turned me off…totally. Too many idiots don’t realize the consequences of that. I think you are an attractive young woman, Sarah, & very attractive with a “cute” personna that morphs with a comedic talent. Don’t waste it on mixed messages on mass murders like happened with this episode. NOT FUNNY

  9. dphunkt says:

    noted the ‘maybe last episode’ comment last night and as i was waking up this morning it occurred to me.. – i hope everyone involved sees the end coming/also hope this isnt it yet. so the last season can be a mere 6eps(again) and everything can crumble around Sarah. realities start to set in, her friends and family stop suspending judgment, and maybe she mumbles/stumbles through musical interludes as everyone steps on her lines. doesnt a six episode snap back to reality sound great? oh, and dog wanders off at the end of each episode – ha! all the delinquent critics and haters could tune in and high five each other during commercial breaks. win/win

  10. jezamatte says:


    I had the same problem, couldn’t figure out the song. Decided it was from my younger atheist days of homeschooling and watching the Sesame Steet. But no! We do not have memories that long!

    Listen to, Cake, Mahna, Mahna.

    Jeezus. And Netta, wait. And Sarah, yeaaaah, offensive. Huraaah. Preach it Sister fudcgker. It’s only the offensive which makes us reevaluate what we think is offensive. What is offensive to us. And then to others. Without disregarding it all, we never really see how stuperd it all is.

    long live vegetarians!

  11. Theresa Black says:

    Sarah is a true solider, she will never die! Her show is pure genius, and that rhymes with penis.

  12. someone says:

    I really hope there will be more of this show. why lame shows like house, lost etc go on forever and this stuff ends so soon…

  13. Saandy(CHOCOLATEEYE14) says:

    this show is so funny! “plus we got a lion!,RRRRRAAAAAAAAHHH!” XD xD XD

  14. Villarba says:

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!! I don’t want this to be the last episode :( I will cry. Please come back with a 4th season.

  15. Bill Powell says:

    This season contained some of the most outrageous, courageous, and funny television ever piped down the cable! The scene in the porn store with Laura and husband was one of the funniest things I’ve ever witnessed!

    The moment medical science allows, I want to bear Sarah’s child.

    Thank you to Sarah and the whole crew.


  16. Kevin says:

    I just wanted to say your show is the best! I have seen all your seasons and I am waiting for the forth but it is not coming, so I just want to say please do a forth season.

  17. Steve Roy says:

    Thirteen dollar bill expresses a point that I agree with…..
    just with me.

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