Video Promo for The Bedwetter

Here is a video promo for Sarah’s new book, The Bedwetter, in stores April 20th!

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10 Responses to Video Promo for The Bedwetter

  1. colin says:

    i havent read a book in years but im breaking my streak cause of sarah, i just cant ignore her!

  2. Bill Tolles says:

    Hey Sarah,
    Yeah. I just might read your book.

    -Bill Tolles

  3. Theresa Black says:

    YAY! Can’t wait to read it, or should I wait for the movie? Of couse I am not going to wait-how silly of me.

  4. Varx says:

    Sarah, I’ll check out your book. Your sense of humor resonates with me. By the way, what’s this rumor that you auditioned for the next Bond movie? You’d make a great Moneypenny. You go, female! PS The last wacky novel I read was the Menstruating Mall. Check it ou!

  5. Phil 'angry' Patterson says:

    Man, my bookmarks toolbar is running out of space…I saw the Fucking Matt Damon clip for the first time last night (gimme a break, I’m in Australia – we only just got colour TV). So, on that flimsy basis, I’ll buy your new book from your website. BUT only if you autograph it. REALLY autograph it – some office flunky pretending to be you won’t cut the mustard.

  6. Ookie says:

    Huh. She shot that video in a bathroom, didn’t she? Yes. She did. So, the implication is that this is a good book to read on the toilet. Or (given the title) in bed.

  7. Hal garnermann says:

    I am a 14 year old bed wetter and it helps to know that other people have this problem too

    btw love you Sarah

  8. Ruvic says:


  9. ficklepickle says:

    It’s gonna be great.
    Or not, I don’t know…but I’m gonna read it anyway.
    And it will be my bible.

  10. Matt says:

    Hi I read your playboy interview u are awesome to talk bout how u lived your life I too know the feeling of being In diapers having to keep it secret

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