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    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

Archive for April, 2010

Sarah on ‘The Marriage Ref’

Posted by SSO on April 30th, 2010

Sorry I didn’t post the info about Sarah being on NBC’s The Marriage Ref yesterday. However, you can watch the full episode below.

‘The Bedwetter’ Sorta Mentions SSO!

Posted by SSO on April 24th, 2010

In the chapter “Me Play Joke” of Sarah Silverman’s book, The Bedwetter, Sarah sort of mentions SarahSilvermanOnline.com in response to the backlash of her Paris Hilton joke at the MTV Movie Awards:

The next morning I Googled myself, and discovered that my joke had sent the internet ablaze. The L.A. Times described my joke as “a cruel beat-down on Hilton.” Even on my own unofficial Web site, one visitor–and presumably a fan–posted: “That was one of the meanest things I’ve ever witnessed.”

That comment was left by “Ellie” on June 5, 2007 and can be found here.

Thanks Sarah for kinda plugging the site in your book. :)

Update: Recently found out that sarahsilvermanonline.com is printed on the inside jacket cover of The Bedwetter!

So Sarah, does this mean SSO is now your official site? ;-)

Sarah writes promo letter about her book

Posted by Gator on April 22nd, 2010

An appeal from its author to potential readers of Sarah’s memoir, The Bedwetter (published April 2010):

Dear Reader:

My name is Sarah Silverman. I was once primarily known for saying the word “poop” and getting paid above market rates for it. But those days are over, because I am now going to be known for having written a book. Why did I write a book, you might wonder? Because it just seemed like the right time to be getting into the publishing industry.

I’m kidding. Publishing is rotting like an abandoned possum carcass on the shoulder of I-95. I know that for a fact, because shortly after my book deal was announced, I kept hearing people lament the imminent demise of literature. These days there is only one reason to write a book: to be taken seriously. And that is exactly what is about to happen to me. I’m an author now! Like Ernest Hemingway and Fyodor Dostoevsky!

When I was asked to provide text for an author page, I decided to approach it in a scholarly manner, because that’s what authors do. I looked to other author pages for inspiration, and I learned so much. For example, while Hemingway and Dostoevsky do not have their own author pages on , Paris Hilton does. And so does former teenage porn star and multi-tasking fellatrix, Traci Lords. Hemingway and Dostoevsky might be wondering, quite literally, “Whom do I have to blow to get my own author page?” If someone had a cruel sense of humor, they might respond to Hemingway, “How about your head off? Oh wait – you already DID that!” But such a remark would be in bad taste, and as a serious author, I’m above all that.

I also learned that Paris’ dog, Tinkerbell Hilton, has her own book too. I read a few pages and found the prose to be overwrought, but you can imagine that, being a dog, she’d be coming from a place of needing to prove something. By the way, here’s a quote from a review of Paris’ book that I found on her author page:

“Heiress, socialite, model, actress, singer and media darling Hilton loves her life, knows how to get what she wants and matter-of-factly explains how anyone can be a glamorous, fun-loving, tiara-wearing heiress just like her… [Paris’] advice to ‘channel your own inner heiress, create your own image, and project an extreme sense of confidence’ is an empowering message for young women.”

This was profoundly inspiring to me. It made me realize: if young women can read Hilton’s book and become heiresses, they can likewise read my book and become anxiety-ridden bedwetters. And amidst this generation of disposability that favors the digital over the physical, shopping online rather than in stores (oops, this is awkward!), and reading from LCD screens rather than from print on paper, it’s nice to know that I will have left a permanent stain by which future generations shall know of my existence. So read The Bedwetter, if not for me, then for the children.

Sarah on The Early Show

Posted by SSO on April 20th, 2010

Here is video of Sarah on The Early Show this morning on CBS.

The Bedwetter – In Stores Today!

Posted by SSO on April 20th, 2010

The Bedwetter is now available in stores! Or you can order your copy on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble. Let us know what you think about the book!

Alternate Covers and Titles

Posted by SSO on April 17th, 2010

Here are some alternate covers and titles that were considered for Sarah’s upcoming book, The Bedwetter. :)


Posted by SSO on April 15th, 2010

Preview of the season finale of The Sarah Silverman Program. Tune in and support what may possibly be their last episode.

The Sarah Silverman Program Thursday, 12am / 11c
Preview – Dueling Memorials

Also, follow Save Sarah Now on twitter and let Comedy Central know that you would like a 4th Season of The Sarah Silverman Program!