The Bedwetter

The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee goes on sale April 20th. From the publisher:

Whether coming clean about why a good fart joke makes her happy or explaining her eternal gratitude to Elvis Presley for dying when he did, The Bedwetter delivers page after page of the fearless, taboo-breaking humor that has established Silverman as one of America’s favorite provocateurs.

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5 Responses to The Bedwetter

  1. colin says:

    i will get it i love to read about sarah she’s great

  2. Stephen S. says:

    Just last week I was thinking, “Sarah hasn’t written a book yet.” And Voila. What are the odds.

  3. abigail wolf says:

    now i know why all 3 of my kids wet the bed still! this jacket looks like the yo gabba gabba one. can’t wait to read it!!

  4. Harry says:


  5. Suspiciously funny….I would give up all of my chilhood memories if she would write another book…Ive considered going door to door with it Jehovah witness style.

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