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  • SSO Interview

    My exclusive interview with Sarah Silverman. - 06/07/07

Sarah was recently on the Nick Jr. kids TV show “Yo Gabba Gabba.” Here is a clip.

Sarah Silverman on “Yo Gabba Gabba!” from NickPress on Vimeo.

11 Responses to “Yo Gabba Gabba”

And pull, and pull, and pull and pull! That’s all there is to it!! I can dance in public now!!!

Good lord that was amazing….
My children will be happy.

Looks like Sarah is doing something “cleaner”. I wonder if her next children’s bit will be for Sesame Street – I could imagine her interacting with Elmo.

HR Pufnstuf 2010. Clearly, eating acid before work is not dead.

I enjoyed that Yo Sarah. I think you may have found a new calling.

sara is the sweetest little gal in the world.

where is the punchline? I was expecting one of them to fart

I thought that for once Sarah was doing a “clean” act, until I found out what they were “pulling”.

Do the hokie pokie and you turn yourself around thats what its all about.

That was vile and vapid. Sarah has no message and that sends a terrible message to our children!

On the bright side, that was mildly amusing. :D

so funny!especially the crazy part!

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