NBC’s “The Marriage Ref”

Sarah was recently filmed as a guest celebrity on Jerry Seinfeld’s new, upcoming show “The Marriage Ref,” a show where celebrities candidly comment and judge who’s right and wrong in real-life disputes between real-life spouses. Some other guest celebrities scheduled to appear are Madonna, Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, Ricky Gervais, and Kelly Ripa. Click here for a clip on NBC’s website. The episode featuring Sarah does not yet have an air date but I will keep you guys posted!

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2 Responses to NBC’s “The Marriage Ref”

  1. colin says:

    i bet sarah makes her point about gay marriage on this show. but really everyone should watch her show it’s way funnier! she should say that too.

  2. stephen s. says:

    What is a marriage but a contract between two unalike causes for a mutual effect… Two people love each other in spite of a world of hate.
    Greek corporations happened long ago. America knows.
    America is more sentient than the television.
    And America Knows.

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